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Provathon 2022 - CSITAN

July 23, 2022 04:15
August 12, 2022 23:15

Provathon is a Mega hackathon organized by CSITAN targeted toward all college students looking to positively impact society through their innovative ideas and innovations. Edusanjal is a knowledge partner of the event. The event aims to bring out the extraordinary talents hidden among the students who can create projects capable of bringing a change in various aspects of society. Furthermore, it tries to create sustainable solutions to the emerging problems of society.


“Hack for a cause”


The theme for this year's provathon is “Social Transformation and Development”.


“To empower social transformation through technology”

Why this event?

We see and experience various emerging problems existing in society for a long time. And at the same time, we see innovative minds coming up with ingenious solutions to tackle those problems. Hence, to speed up the process of solving the social problems we are organizing a provathon. CSITAN provathon looks to converge all these innovative minds in solving social problems that are rising among us.


  • To bring out extraordinary talents from all over the country to work on innovative ideas.

  • To converge innovative minds in solving major social problems.

  • To educate as well as mentor these talented individuals.

  • To groom new ideas and turn them into working solutions.


All the teams competing in the provation can choose one of the among categories to compete against other teams. The idea capable of the biggest social transformation will be the provathon winner whereas the idea performing best on its specific domain will be the category winner.

Following are the categories that a team can choose:

Tourism and Culture

Ideas to overcome problems observed in tourism and culture are applied in this category. We encourage teams to showcase ideas that will result in an upliftment of the tourism and culture sector.


In this category, Ideas to solve problems faced in the field of transportation can be applied. Teams can focus on ongoing problems and the effect of the pandemic in this sector. We encourage every team to come up with an applicable and workable solution to problems. 

Social Development

Any idea contributing to the social development to improve the well-being of individuals living in the society can be applied in this category.

Agriculture and Food

Ideas working to solve the problem in the agriculture and the food industry can be applied in this category. 

Urban Development and Employment

 Ideas trying to contribute toward urban development and the employment of the individuals can be applied in this category. 

Technology for Transformation 

Any idea that uses advanced technology like Machine Learning, AR/VR, Blockchain, etc. to transform society can be applied in this category. 

Water Management and Irrigation 

Ideas that address the ongoing problems in water management and irrigation can be applied in this category.