Nepal Business Conclave 2014

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2014-03-23 - 2014-03-23

Kathmandu, Nepal

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The government of Nepal and the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and   Industry recently concluded the Nepal Economic Summit whose main objective is to develop a  well-rounded declaration for reforms to make Nepal an investment friendly destination. The  Summit also decided to jointly organize the Nepal Business Conclave as medium to promote  investment in the Nepalese economy. 
The conclave will be a platform where investors from Nepal and abroad can intermingle with  policy makers, gauge their attitude and plans and gather a first-hand impression about the  country, its economy and the investment climate. 
Potential projects: 
As a special initiative of promoting investment, we have prepared a simple profile of about 50  projects ready for investment. These include projects being floated by government and projects  identified by entrepreneurs who are seeking partners, who can bring in financial resources,  know-how and technology. 
There will be participation of most than 400 persons in the conclave. This includes about 150 leading representative of foreign investor and similar number of Nepali entrepreneurs and  investors. Beside those will be participation of top political leader, government officials and  opinion leaders of the country. There will also be participation of eminent personalities from  abroad and with in the country.
Eminent personalities like Rt. Hon’ble Tun Dr. Mahathir bin   Mohamad, former Prime minister of Malaysia and His Excellency Li Jiheng, governor of Yunnan  
province of PRC have already confirmed their presence at the summit. 
The participation is strictly on registration. The participants are requested to register their  names by filling up the registration form to the conclave secretariat. 
The registration fee for local participants is Nepalese Rupees 5,000/- (Five Thousand Only) for  FNCCI members while it is Nepalese Rupees 7,000/- (Seven Thousand Only) for non-FNCCI  members to be paid directly to the FNCCI secretariat. 
Registration fee is waived for foreign participant recommended by Nepali missions aboard and  foreign mission located in Nepal as well as partner organization of FNCCI.