13th National Technological Festival – LOCUS 2016

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2016-07-01 - 2016-07-03

Pulchowk Campus

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LOCUS is a technological festival organized jointly by students of Electronics, Computer and Electrical Departments of Pulchowk Campus. This year LOCUS is being organized for the 13th time with the theme, “Empowering Innovations” on Ashad 17, 18, 19. Each year LOCUS houses a number of hardware, software and electrical projects from colleges all over Nepal. Likewise, we are promoting such projects under following categories:

  1. Games and Entertainment: Projects and products which engage people and entertain them.
  2. Industry and Automation: Since our daily lives have been interleaved with technology, we promote any such ideas which promise to make our daily lives simpler.
  3. Energy and Society: The blockade period that unfortunately took place has promoted many energy alternatives to petroleum and oil. This category is to promote any such ideas which promise sustainable energy development in the context of Nepal.
  4. Open Innovations: Any project ideas which do not fit under the above mentioned categories.

Targeted Audience:

  1. School students
  2. +2 Students
  3. Engineering Students
  4. IT Professionals
  5. Hardware Enthusiasts
  6. Anybody who loves to know about technology.


From the day the committee was formed, we have been planning to bring out new pre-events, different from those previously conducted. The following are the list of events so far successfully organized.

  1. LOCUS Theme Competition: We asked people to participate and bring out new themes of this year’s LOCUS. Our theme was suggested by Subina Shrestha from the Electrical Department.
  2. Workshop on Free Open Source Software and Linux: Familiarizing students with the necessity and impact of Free Open Source Software and helping them get adapted to Linux.
  3. Workshop on Git: Collaborate on a project together by sharing it on the web using Git.
  4. Robotics Crash Course: This was a two-week long event conducted in order to teach students how to make hardware and software communicate.
  5. Workshop on Python: Helping students work in the Python language and teaching them to make a game in it.
  6. School Level Quiz: School level quiz was held recently where students from secondary and lower secondary level participated.
  7. School Level Olympiad: Students were asked to answer a set of questions in the Olympiad.
  8. +2 Level Quiz: Students from +2 colleges like Golden Gate International College participated in this competition.
  9. Bachelor Level Quiz: In the Bachelor’s level, we conducted an inter-departmental quiz competition where Electronics and Computer Department stood first.
  10. Hack-a-week: A week long coding competition where participants were asked to present their product on any of the three categories- Startup, Social Impact and Games and Entertainment.
  11. Panel Discussion on Entrepreneurship: A panel discussion was held recently to discuss on entrepreneurship and our program was graced by Karmath Dongol from CloudFactory, Shreeniwas from Alternative Technology and Anish Shrestha from Yellow Nepal.
  12. Soldering Competition: Participants were asked to copy a circuit on to the board within a given time.
  13. Talk Show on Portfolio Management: This was a talk program on portfolio management and share market business.


  1. Talk Program with Mahabir Pun: We have invited Mahabir Pun to speak on his experiences on entrepreneurship.
  2. MATLAB simulation: Participants will be judged on how familiar they are with MATLAB.
  3. Paper Presentation Competition: Participants will have to present their paper on any topic.
  4. Codejam: A day-long program where participants will be asked to code programs with strong mathematical logic.


On the three-day event participants will showcase their hardware, software and electrical projects falling under any of the above mentioned four categories. These projects will be demonstrated live on each day. A total of 63 projects have been registered till today. We have planned out a list of events for the 3-day exhibition like Yomari Code Camp, Fastest Googler, Fastest Texter, Mini-Militia, Fifa, 3D movies and many more.

Moreover, our event will be graced by Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Energy, our continuous efforts in making this event as grand as possible.