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18th National Technological Festival – LOCUS 2021

February 01, 2022 04:15
February 03, 2022 11:15
IOE, Pulchowk Campus

LOCUS is a technological festival organized jointly by students of Electronics, Computer, and Electrical Departments of Pulchowk Campus. This year LOCUS is being organized for the 17th time with the theme, “Innovate, Integrate, Industrialize” from February 1st to 3rd, 2022

Every year LOCUS conducts many skill development programs, competitive hardware, software, and electrical events among students from various national level colleges as well as non-competitive events like exhibitions, seminars, paper presentations, gaming competitions, simulation competitions, and many more providing a platform for interaction and healthy competition among creative minds in technical fields and marketing management.



This year, LOCUS is calling in people who seek to make a change to play the part in materializing innovations that will change the course of our society for good. This year, at LOCUS, we are seeking to give back to society ideas that the community has not yet seen. And of course, bringing in new ideas is only the first step in doing so.


The quest to solve problems, old and new, has led to a myriad of innovations. Innovations that have stood the test of time serve as foundations of the current infrastructure. A product’s sustainability is determined by how well it segues into the market utilizing this infrastructure. It should be innovative enough for the market to be transfixed but not too drastic requiring consumers to step out of their comfort zone. Constructing a product is only halfway through the development process. The product has to be tested for resilience and robustness. Moreover, the product should have an unequivocal standing in the market, through affordable pricing and target audience.


To Industrialize your idea means to make it available to a wider consumer base. This is the point where you will see your solution in effect: actually solving people’s problems and where your product will be put to the actual test. This is where you’ve made that great leap from an Engineer to an Entrepreneur.
Industrializing requires more managerial skills than technical skills. To industrialize, the product must be fairly easy to mass produce with affordable prices and user-friendly. So,
industrializing incorporates balancing all these factors and finding an optimum point
which is good for all, the manufacturer as well as the user.

Targeted Audience:

  1. School students
  2. +2 Students
  3. Engineering Students
  4. IT Professionals
  5. Hardware Enthusiasts
  6. Anybody who loves to know about technology.


Locus has planned out a list of events for the 3-day exhibition like Yomari Code Camp, Codecamp, Online writing, Ideacamp, +2 Quiz, and many more.