National Entrepreneurship Conclave 2.0 - Liberty College

January 26, 2024 03:23
January 28, 2024 12:15
National Entrepreneurship Conclave 2.0 - Liberty College

Students from Liberty College are actively participating in the "National Entrepreneurship Conclave 2.0," scheduled to take place at the esteemed Lead College of Management in Kerala, India. A contingent of 10 individuals, including three management committee members, will represent Liberty College in India.

The college showcased their ideas to secure their spots in the program through an elevator pitch competition among business students. The top 4 ideas have earned the opportunity to be presented in the program, while the remaining 3, placing within the top 7, are also participating.

This event, which will take place from January 26 to 28, 2024, features 110 teams, 107 of which hail from India and 3 from Nepal. It provides a unique platform for participants to engage with potential investors and fellow innovators. Beyond being a competition, the three-day event is a remarkable forum for young minds to connect with industry leaders, investors, and fellow innovators.

Distinguished speakers such as Anish Achuthan (Co-founder and CEO of Open Financial Technology), Anuradha Shankar (CEO, IP TIF IIT Palakkad), CK Kumaravel (Co-founder & CEO, Naturals), and others are set to share their insights. The principal of Liberty College expresses enthusiasm for the opportunities this event offers, highlighting Liberty College's commitment to fostering students' practical abilities and growth.