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Kathmandu Youth Conclave 2023

August 26, 2023 04:15
August 26, 2023 12:15
Pragya Pratisthan (Nepal Academy), Kathmandu
Kathmandu Youth Conclave 2023

Kathmandu Youth Conclave 2023 is going to be held with the aim of bringing together over 5000 youths from diverse educational backgrounds, communities, and geographical locations to a common symposium,  on Saturday, Bhadra 09, 2080 at Nepal Academy, Kathmandu. This will be one of the largest congregations of youths (especially not limited to students from +2, bachelor level and beyond) and a leadership forum created by a group of colleges.

It serves as an ideal platform for connecting youths and empowering them with the required contributions, leadership, managerial and industrial skills. The theme of Kathmandu Youth Conclave 2023 is "Inspiring Youth, Leading the Nation". Being a part of a dynamic environment has aware of the fact that students face both fresh opportunities and challenges. Unfortunately, in a field where many people are competing for the same position, academic excellence is insufficient to set oneself apart. The students must be driven to improve their areas of weakness.

KYC 2023 aims to inspire kids and provide education through interacting with people directly.
KYC's mission has always been to help young people become brilliant. This fantastic event has been put on by KYC for the past four years. With KYC 2023, the legacy will live on and the process of creating change will continue.

Kathmandu Youth Conclave is among the biggest national youth-centric leadership events organized by educational institutions. The young audience comprising mostly students, industrious learners, and scholars will attend the event. Its initiation is a valiant attempt to drive youths of today with passion and inspiration so that they can replicate the same. KYC 2023 will be attended by over 5000 aspiring students from 10 major cities of Nepal and across different educational backgrounds. More than 150 students will be attending the event from each of the 10 major cities.

Event Details

Date Bhadra 09, 2080 (August 26, 2023)
Time 10 AM onwards
Venue Pragya Pratisthan (Nepal Academy Hall), Kathmandu
Expected No. of Youth 5000 young students, scholars, and learners