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Kathmandu Model College Communication Carnival

October 30, 2021 04:15
November 02, 2021 10:15
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Kathmandu Model College Communication Carnival

Kathmandu Model College, leaping towards a modern mentoring-learning approach; is organizing KMC Communication Carnival 2021. Kathmandu Model College (KMC), established in 2000 AD, has proven success in BBA, BBM, BCA, BBS, BASW, and Master Level program in MA (English) and MBS, reflecting strong strength in the academic arena. Furthermore, KMC is growing to be a global standard academic institution with more focus on providing 21st-century skills, pedagogy, and resources to the students. For the overall development of students, the college has established different clubs of students. Among many clubs at KMC, KMC Communication Center is one of the active clubs which is continuously organizing different programs so as to develop the communication, leadership, and creative thinking of students. 

The role of communication is no longer a mystery in any way. Still, we don’t get to manage it the right way to achieve our objectives. Whether it is the role of communication in business or in our personal lives. 

We assume things and usually listen to respond back. It is totally against the spirit of effective communication.

In order to get the most benefit, both in the personal and business environment, we need to incorporate effective communication in our routine. So, the KMC Communication Center of Kathmandu Model College is going to organize the communication Carnival 2021 from 13th Kartik 2078. So as to develop the communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills of students.

According to Sneha Pandey (Committee Member of KMC Communication Center), There will be five different programs under KMC Communication Carnival 2021. They are:

  1.  Public Speaking Competition
  2. PowerPoint Presentation Competition
  3. Brand War
  4. Business Writing Competition 
  5. 90 Second Elevators Pitching and, 

(The carnival will be followed by cultural program.)

Major Objectives of Communication Carnival 2021

  1. To develop the communication, leadership, and creative thinking skills of students
  2. To prepare the efficient Middle-level manager for the economy
  3. To foster an awareness of self and the ability to utilize that awareness effectively
  4. To build students’ capabilities to enhance the development of others.
  5. To develop students’ capabilities for generating sustainable competitive advantages in organizations

Another active member of KMC Communication Center Ms. Trisha Agrawal said “We are going to organize Tihar Special Program in Collaboration with KMC Social Circle at the last day of Communication Carnival”

The Student Development Department of Kathmandu Model College is assisting students from different clubs to organize different programs and give students a real flavor of business and management through different platforms. Department is planning to organize Entrepreneurship Carnival, Marketing Carnival, and other unique programs after the successful completion of KMC Communication Carnival 2021.

The communication carnival is targeted to all the students of the bachelor program (BBA, BBM, BBS, BASW & BCA) of KMC. And the winners of each competition will be awarded a cash prize, medals, and certificates. And about 150 students are directly taking part in competitions; said Yog Kandel, Student Development Manager of College.