"Kantipur City College (KCC) Exhibit 2019"

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2019-07-26 - 2019-07-27

Kantipur City College (KCC), Putalisadak, Kathmandu

KCC Exhibit is a Project Exhibition and Seminar going to organize by Kantipur City College. The event was organized since 2002. 

The college is inviting your friends and colleagues to visit the KCC Exhibit 2019. KCC Exhibit 2019 is going to be organized by the Center for Software Development and Research (CSDR), an autonomous body that works in association with academia at Kantipur City College. 

The prime objective of this project exhibition and seminar is to promote the students’ projects and to interact with various industries, organizations and academic institutions so as to promote academic standard and sustainability. The Kantipur City College has firm belief that “KCC Exhibit 2019” will impart benefits not only to graduates but also to individuals, academicians, professionals, and industrialists.

Kantipur City College has a firm belief that “KCC Exhibit 2019” will impart benefits not only to graduates students but also to individuals, academicians, professionals, and industrialist. Exhibit Presents Project Exhibition, Conference, Gaming, Musical Concert, and Food Festival. KCC will also conduct the Conference on Technology For Sustainability on Saturday, 27th July 2019.

Event Details:

Organized By: Center For Software Development & Research, Kantipur City College

Date: Friday, 10th Shrawan and Saturday, 11th Shrawan 2076

Venue: Kantipur City College, Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Objectives of the Event

Providing a common platform for individuals, academicians, researchers, and professionals to interact with various industries and academic institutions.

Making students able to grasp the opportunities by empowering their efficiency and the taste of profession.

Strengthening the communication and exposure of their skills at a professional level so as to meet the industry requirements.

Identify potential issues in the field of ICT, Engineering, and Management, and to find a common solution for it.

Seeking prospects and possible applications of students’ skills and expertise in the context of Nepal.

Continuing college practice and providing awareness to the people by organizing the exhibition and seminar.

The participants will able to witness following programs:

Project Exhibition/Demonstration


Food Festival


Musical Concert

Participating Colleges (1)

Kantipur City College (KCC)Kantipur City College (KCC)Putalisadak, Kathmandu01-4430239, 01-4437093, 01-4435735