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International STEM Olympiad 2023

November 06, 2022 04:15
April 02, 2023 11:15

STEM Olympiad team invites students take part in the 3rd International STEM Olympiad 2023.

The International STEM Olympiad is an international online competition organized by Main Team Organization GmbH located in Germany, in partnership with PhET Interactive Simulations Platform of the University of Colorado as well as Brilliant and  Condementum Platforms.

Some practical information about the STEM Olympiad:

  1. All students in grades 1 through 12 are welcome to participate in the STEM Olympiad.
  2. Exams will be held in 4 different categories: Coding, Mathematics, Science, and Art.
  3. Exams will be held online via the STEM Olympiad's Exam Platform under Zoom control.
  4. We support the success and courage of students in grades 1 through 3 in particular. All participants in these grades will become finalists and receive digital medal certificates.
  5. The Qualification and Final Exams will be available in the following languages: English, French, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani. The Best of the Best Exams will be held in English only.
  6. The first 3 students in each grade and category will receive their original medals and certificates with free shipping. 
  7. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Participants in the Coding Category will also receive a special Certificate of Completion of the Computer Science Course by Codementum.
  8. In addition, 50% of the students who take the final exam will receive digital medal certificates (Gold, Silver, Bronze).
  9. The top 3 students in grades 6 through 11 ranked high in each category will be invited to the GRAND Final Program of the STEM Olympiad which will be held in Europe, with special discounts.
  10. The basic study resources of the STEM Olympiad: BRILLIANT, CODEMENTUM and PhET Interactive Simulations Platforms. Students can use these platforms to study the topics on the syllabus menu.
  11. In addition, there are two excellent opportunities for participants in the STEM Olympiad:
    * 6-month free Premium Membership from CODEMENTUM for participants in the CODING Category
    * 3-month free Premium Membership from BRILLIANT for participants in the MATH and SCIENCE Categories (only for students in grades 4 through 12).

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