Interact District 3292 Zone 6 | Presidential Convention and Annual Zonal Meet 2.0

June 08, 2024 04:15
June 08, 2024 11:15
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Interact District 3292 Zone 6 | Presidential Convention and Annual Zonal Meet 2.0

The theme of the event is "अनुभव: Illuminating the Journey"

The anticipation is high as the esteemed "Presidential Convention & Annual Zonal Meet 2.0" gears up to take place, marking a significant annual milestone for all clubs within Zone 6 (Kathmandu). Scheduled to unfold its vibrant proceedings, the event encompasses two integral segments: the Presidential Convention and the Annual Zonal Conference.

The Presidential Convention promises a platform for club presidents to converge, sharing their unique journeys while delving into discussions on challenges, triumphs, and experiences in steering their respective clubs. This interactive dialogue aims to pave the way for upcoming leaders, offering invaluable insights for a seamless transition and fostering greater community impact.

Noteworthy is the dedicated panel discussion on "Youth in Interact and Interact for Youth," which focuses on the engagement of young minds in community service and leadership roles within Interact clubs. A medley of captivating performances will further enrich the event's ambiance, followed by a keynote address by an esteemed international guest speaker centered on the theme of 'Emotional Intelligence.'

Culminating the affair is the much-awaited Annual Zonal Awards, a moment of recognition and appreciation for clubs' exemplary endeavors over the past year. With a meticulously crafted agenda, the event aims to inspire attendees with profound insights and a heightened sense of commitment to their roles, offering invaluable credits poised to enrich their professional and personal spheres.

Under the theme "अनुभव: Illuminating the Journey," the "Presidential Convention and Annual Zonal Meet 2.0" promises to illuminate paths, inspire minds, and instill a sense of purpose among all participants.

Key Information:

  • Event Date: June 8, 2024 (Jestha 26, 2081)
  • Venue: Inside Kathmandu District
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 200
  • Targeted Group: Students currently in grades 6 to 12 or equivalents

Event Activities

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Story Telling
  • Presidential Convention
  • Panel Discussions
  • Annual Award Ceremony
  • National and International Guests
  • Performances

Benefits for Participants

  • Networking
  • Develops interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Provides a platform to showcase their talents
  • Develops leadership and teamworking
  • Recognizes best leaders from the zone
  • Prepares professional future leaders