Effective Communication with Admissions Offices

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2016-05-19 - 2016-05-19

USEF-Nepal EducationUSA Advising Center Gyaneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal

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The United States Education Foundation in Nepal (USEF Nepal) is conducting a session regarding 'Effective Communication with Admissions Offices' targeting both graduate and under-graduate students who want to pursue education in USA.

In this event, you will get an opportunity to:

  • Learn about importance of effective communication with U.S. college and university admissions offices.
  • Find out about the different types of communication and learn tips to improve YOUR communication skills.

This session is open to undergraduate and graduate level applicants.

To attend, register in advance at the USEF library front desk with a national ID.

Event date: May 19, 2016.

Time: 3 PM on wards

This is the monthly session at USEF-Nepal