Communiversity Summer Program

June 19, 2023 04:15
August 18, 2023 11:15
Panchkhal (Residential Program) [45 KM North of KTM valley]
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Communiversity Summer Program

Communiversity Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Program, an initiative of King's College, is designed as a new approach to higher education in Nepal, where inspiration is drawn from the belief that the knowledge, wisdom, and insights of our community must be integrated into the curriculum. At the same time, they aim to apply the curriculum's learnings to address the issues present in our community. The primary objective is to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and equip you with the skills to develop innovative solutions for community problems. The summer program embodies the philosophy of "Community as Curriculum," where you will establish connections between learners, entrepreneurs, and the community. Through co-creation and collaboration, the program offers an exciting challenge that will leave you craving for more.

Model Of Education

  • Community – Local Knowledge and Resource
  • Academia – Course Design and Expertise
  • Industry – Market Expertise

Program Details

  • Project : Solving Real Community Problems
  • Program Duration : June 19 – August 18 (2 Months)
  • Who Can Apply : Recent High School Graduates (+2, A-Levels, CBSE [Max. 30 seats]
  • Where is it happening : Panchkhal (Residential Program) [45 KM North of KTM valley]
  • Cost of the program : ~NPR 37,500/month
  • Admission Open : April 1st To April 30th

Why Join?

  • Credits acceptance for your bachelor degree with King’s and Kajaani University of Applied Science, Finland.
  • The certificate is endorsed by the biggest industry partners out there!
  • For an immersive and unforgettable community
  • Experience that will leave you feeling inspired and fulfilled.
  • High chances of getting an internship with the industry partners.
  • Use this time to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and make some serious moves.
  • Three courses, three times the knowledge and skills!
  • Get ready to become a true master in your field.
  • Solving real problems & making a difference.
  • Get the best of both worlds with the courses conducted by top-notch Nepali and Foreign academicians and industry experts!

To apply to the program visit HERE.