CCA Click and Win Contest 2022

December 12, 2022 04:15
December 19, 2022 09:15

The biggest photo contest of the year “CCA Click & Win Contest 2022” kicks off with the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) is one of the leading ACCA colleges in Nepal.  CCA is famous for the learning environment and quality of education provided by it. It always works to enhance the ability of students and motivate them to pursue their personal and professional goals. 

CCA never misses the opportunity to engage their students in extracurricular activities. As, CCA believes just having a degree in hand is not everything. Students should have the leadership, communication skills as well as a professionalism and power to influence a mass or group of people with their personality .CCA works for making students professional not just by words ,but with action . After all, ACCA is a professional qualification. The more extra - curricular activities students attend, the more they will be encouraged to socialize with their peers, build rapport and develop relationships.

Time and again CCA conducts some kind of fun and exciting competition and event to help students refresh their perspective and provide a short break from daily study. That is why CCA has come up with “CLICK & WIN CONTEST 2022”.

The World Cup is truly the biggest sporting event in the world. There is one thing we can say about the World cup that we cannot compare with other sporting events, and that is the amount of passion put in towards the game, the emotion, and the joy. In today’s world, football is not just a sport .It has become a part of our heart. CCA knows how crazy students are for the FIFA World cup 2022 event. So to end 2022 with a bang, CCA is conducting “CLICK AND WIN CONTEST’’ where students can show their love  for FIFA World Cup 2022 with just a click.

The only thing students have to do to participate is to click a photo in CCA’s photo booth that is patiently waiting in CCA and send it at cca.nepal@gmail.comThey can participate as solo or as a team however a team cannot exceed 5 members. Only CCA students can participate in this contest.

Deadline to submit photos: December 19, 2022.

Shortlisted photos will be uploaded in CCA’s official Facebook page: ACCA at CCA. The team with the highest number of likes and shares will be the winner and take home an amazing prize from the CCA secret prize box.