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2017-09-09 - 2017-09-12

Bhirkuti Mandap & AITM Premises Khumaltar

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For the past 4 years House of Rajkarnikar has been hosting the F&B &hospitality event organised in association with Asian Institute of Technology and Management. 

The event invites all the interested enthusiasts starting from 9th  to 12th  September at Bhrikutimandap but on 11th of September the event moves to AITM Premises for the Master Chef Challenge. 

The event will showcase multi cuisine, beverages, hospitality products/services along with other exciting new innovative ideas. 

This year the management team of AITM has taken an initiative to sponsor an exciting challenge — M'aster chef challenge'. The Master Chef Challenge extends to 3 days and its major highlight the 'Masterchef challenge' will be held inside the premises of AITM itself. 

On the 10th September The Master Chef Competition selection round starts where the contestant showcase their skills. On the 11th September the contestant takes their skills in the AITM premises during the BLACK BOX challenge. On the 12th September of the event winner of the event will be presented on the stage of Bhirkuti Mandap.

The event also covers other striking challenges such as Barista challenge, Wine tasting, Masterbaker challenge, Best bar tender contest to name a few.

Participating Colleges (1)

AITM-School of Hotel ManagementAITM-School of Hotel ManagementKhumaltar Lalitpur01-5541179, 01-5548772

Participating Colleges (1)