Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for Sustainable Development


The International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for Sustainable Development” will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal on October 21-23, 2011. The objective of this conference is to capitalize on the rapidly growing field of advanced materials and nanotechnology, bringing together expertise from across the international and national academic communities, as well as industry. The remarkable evolution of nanotechnology has only been possible because of close collaborations between chemists, materials and biological scientists well as industrialists. This conference aims to bring together such diverse specialists, and to understand the requirements of materials science and nanotechnology research for sustainable development in an emerging country like Nepal. Nepal Chemical Society would take this opportunity to commemorate the achievement of chemistry, and its contributions to humankind on the occasion of International Year of Chemistry 2011.

This conference covers a series of symposia, which have been selected to accommodate a wide range of interests. The purpose of this meeting is to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions between scientists engaged in the full spectrum of research, development, and applications, and to discuss the current status and recent developments of these materials for the improvement of human lives.

In addition, the conference will provide an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and biodiversity of Nepal. We welcome you to visit Nepal and take the advantage of Nepal Tourism Year 2011. The conference covers following topics but not limited to

  1. Symposium AAdvanced Functional Nanomaterials, and Nanocomposites
  2. Symposium BSupramolecular Chemistry, Self-Assembly and Interfaces
  3. Symposium CElectrochemistry, Corrosion Science, and Materials for Energy
  4. Symposium DPolymers, Gels, and Aggregates
  5. Symposium EMicrofluidics, Separation and extraction Sciences
  6. Symposium FFormulation and Application of Bio-Nanomaterials, Photocatalytic Materials,
  7. Photochemistry and Elementary Process
  8. Symposium GChemistry for Environment Protection and Interdisciplinary Sciences
  9. Symposium H: Special Session for Young Scientists (PhD students and young post-docs only)