3 day workshop on Drug Discovery and Designing Technology in Nepal

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2013-07-26 - 2013-07-26

Kathmandu, Nepal

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Biotechnology Society of Nepal(BSN) in collaboration with BioDiscovery Group Solutions for Future, India  is going to organize 3 day workshop on Drug Discovery & Designing from 26-28 July 2013 in Kathmandu, Nepal. BioDiscovery-Solutions for  is carrying out several programs in the form of training, novel research projects, online training programs, workshops & seminars to make learn this technology to students/ researchers/ professionals from all over the world. We conduct hands on training workshops and seminars at Universities/ Colleges/ Conferences all over the world to make learn the newest technology.


This workshop is unique as the participants work on the software and perform what they learn, i.e. practical application of the technology. The course is suitable for students, scientists, technicians, engineers and academicians.


  1. 40 US $ for valid BSN Members.
  2. 40 US $ for Students coming in Group of 10.
  3. 45 US $ for Students coming in Group of 5.
  4. 50 US $ for Students coming alone as individual.
  5. 70 US $ for Faculties/Teachers/Company Employees/ Professionals


After this date the fee increases to 5 US $ for above mentioned categories.

Onsite registration: 100 US $ for all

The topics which will be covered in 3 day workshop include:

·         Introduction of Drug Designing

·         Science involved in disease target identification

·         Virtual screening

·         Apart from above elementary topics the training & practical application will be given for following topics:

o   In-silico generation of ligands 

o   Protein optimization & energy minimization 

o   Molecular Docking 

o   Creation of Grid Paramater & Dock Parameter files. 

o   Running the Docking Algorithm

o   Selection of potent inhibitors on the basis of binding energies and Lipinski’s Rule of 5

o   Look for H-bond between ligand and active site of the residue of protein.

o   ChemSketch- Drawing the molecules- In-silico generation of ligands.

o   Analysis and Evaluation 


·         Practical application will be done on 5-10 molecules and the software on which training will be given:

o   Open Babel- Conversion of one file format to other.

o   MGL Tools- Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm- Docking.

o   Cygwin- Running the algorithm.

o   UCSF Chimera- Structure Analysis. H-Bond interaction.

o   Online software for Drug Likeness & ADMET.


topics and software for biodiscovery training workshop.pdf

Registration details
For registration send you letter of interest with CV at bioson01@gmail.com or secretary@bsn.org.np
To pay the fee for the workshop contact 
BSN Secretary Megh Raj Bhatt at 9849120647 or 
BSN office Co-ordinator Bigyan Rimal at 9841782334.