Pre-Diploma in Community Medicine Assistant

Pre-Diploma in Community Medicine Assistant

1 year 3 months

CTEVT has discontinued offering Pre-Diploma in Community Medicine Assistant (CMA) Programs from 2020.

The requirement of basic level health worker is still scarce in our country, especially in the grass root level of rural community. Training of this level of health worker, called Community Medicine Assistant (CMA) presently becomes the one of the major responsibilities of CTEVT.

Hence this curriculum is designed to implement in the technical schools under the CTEVT to produce basic level health worker in the country. These basic level health workers called AHW would be the key persons to provide health in the peripheral level.

The candidates for the course would be selected from the students, who have passed the SEE need to go to 15-month training in the training institution. However, all the candidates irrespective of their schooling will be required to take an entrance examination to assess their aptitude in the field. The candidates will be finally selected on the basis of merit list.

This course will be completed within 18 months/76weeks/2520 hours; including 12 weeks (480 hours) On the Job Training (OJT) with supervision. The 3 months (480 hours) OJT will be compulsory after completing the final exam.  

Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to produce competent CMAs who provide preventive, promotive, curatives and rehabilitation services as well as primary health care services for individuals, family, groups, and communities through various level of health delivery system such as Sub Health Post, Health Post, Primary Health Care Centre and District Hospitals of Nepal.

Overall Objective

At the end of the course, the CMA graduates will be able to support in providing basic health care, community health care including basic medicine, health management and environmental sanitation, basic medical procedure, basic surgery & first aid and MCH/FP/nutrition either in home or in health institution.

Specific Objectives

After the completion of this program, the graduates will be able to:

1. Support in providing basic health care to the clients through medical procedure by applying medical process.

2. Plan and conduct different activities of health clinics.

3. Identify the simple health disorders and their treatment.

4. Identify basic health needs of the community people through community diagnosis on drinking water, nutrition, and environmental condition, MCH and take an appropriate action by approaching different multi-sectorial health.

5. Identify the couples who need family planning services and counsel them for informed choice of family planning devices as their need.

6. Visit the home for identifying the health need of individuals and family and take action appropriately.

7. Provide health education to the individual, couples and community as required.

8. Maintain reports and records of activities considering HMIS.

9. Hold communication with the individual, family, and community in understandable way.

Salient Features

Course Duration

This course will be completed within 18 months/76weeks/2520 hours; including 12 weeks (480 hours) On the Job Training (OJT) with supervision. The 3 months (480 hours) OJT will be compulsory after completing the final exam.  

Pattern of Attendance:  The students should have minimum 90% attendance in theory classes and practical/performance to be eligible for internal assessments and final examinations. 


The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training will award Technical School Leaving Certificate in "Community Medicine Assistant" to the candidate who successfully completes the requirements as prescribed by the curriculum.


Individuals who meet the following criteria will be allowed to enter into this program:

  1. SEE pass
  2. Students should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT
  3. They should submit the following documents at the time of application
    1. SEE pass certificate
    2. Character certificate
    3. Citizenship certificate (for the name, parents' name, age, date of birth and address verification purpose only)
  4. Final selection will be made on the basis merit list.
  5. The quota for different category of students will be as per the enrollment policy of CTEVT

Job Prospects

The graduate will be eligible for the position equivalent to Non-gazetted 2nd class/level 4 (technical) as an Auxiliary Health Worker (AHW) or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission. The graduate is eligible for registration with the Nepal Health Professional Council in the grade as mentioned in the Nepal Health Professional Council Act.

The graduates are chiefly employed by Ministry of Health and Population as AHW and other NGOs and INGOs for the development of community of Nepal placing emphasis on the preventive and primitive health, giving basic curative health care based on the principle of primary health care approach.

Curricular Structure

The new revised curriculum will help to equip the students' adequate practical skills and required theoretical knowledge to perform the duties of basic health worker.

Upon graduation, The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training will grant the student a certificate stating that the holder is qualified to perform duties of an Auxiliary Health Worker (AHW).

CMA Course Structure.JPG

Full Curriculum of Pre-Diploma in Community Medicine Assistant-CMA