Script Writing Training

Script Writing Training

3 months

The Script Writing Training is a comprehensive 3-month course designed to provide in-depth knowledge on various aspects of script writing. The course covers fundamental topics such as understanding the essence of script writing, conducting effective research for film projects, and identifying the pivotal conflicts within a narrative.

Participants will delve into the significance of crafting a logline and explore the widely acclaimed three-act structure, which is a favored framework utilized by film writers. The curriculum also guides students in the art of creating metaphors and symbols to enhance the depth and meaning of their scripts.

Furthermore, the course highlights the strategic use of visuals and sounds to captivate a wider audience. Participants will gain practical insights into leveraging script writing software, with a focus on popular tools like Final Draft and Celtx.

A significant portion of the training is dedicated to hands-on projects for students. This involves the step-by-step process of developing an idea and translating it into a well-crafted short film script. The course emphasizes elaborate discussions to foster a deep understanding of the script writing process.