MSc Applied Computing and Information Technology with Project Management

MSc Applied Computing and Information Technology with Project Management

2 years

Recent non-computer graduates who wish to use information technology in their current employment or who want to change their career path should apply for the MSc Applied Computing and Information Technology with Project Management program. The course covers a wide range of topics, including programming, databases, project management, security, and computer networking. Throughout the course, you will understand the fundamental theory behind these subjects and apply it to practical scenarios. 

Aims of the course

  • To provide with a critical understanding of Information Technology (e.g. programming, networking and databases) and how it can be applied to practical situations;
  • To develop analytical and evaluative skills with respect to information technology problems;
  • To develop problem solving skills with respect to IT-based solutions.
  • To develop understanding of the social and legal aspects of the Information Technology field.

Features of the course

  • Demonstrate a deep and systematic knowledge of the key principles, tools and techniques used in the fi eld of Applied Computing and Information Technology including current and emerging theoretical and methodological approaches.
  • Design and undertake a substantial investigation to address signifi cant areas of theory and/or practice in an area of Applied Computing and Information Technology and, selecting appropriate methodological processes and critically evaluating their eff ectiveness.
  • Use an appropriate form of advanced problem solving along with creativity and innovation in order to develop an appropriate solution to complex real-world problems in unfamiliar contexts that require the application of computing and information technology.
  • Apply, develop and evaluate tools, methodologies and techniques consistent with current research and /or professional practice at the forefront of the fi eld of applied computing and information technology.

Job Prospects

Career in management, supervision, database/IT development or system design/analysis. Specific roles might be IT consultant, IT manager, Systems developer, and programming supervisor. Other careers include IT managers or practitioners within commerce; database and IT developers, or system designers/ analysts.

The course prepares to work within industries that make substantial use of computers and IT as well as professional roles in companies where computers and IT take on a more support function.

Curricular Structure

Unit Name Core Level Credits
Project Management Core 7 30
Leading and Managing Organizational Resources Core 7 30
Personal Professional Development Core 7 10
MSc Project - Applied Computing and Information Technology Core 7 60
Programming for Applications Core 7 30
Data Modeling, Management and Governance Core 7 30
Computer Networks and Security Core 7 30
Research Methodologies and Project Management Core 7 30
Developing Independent Research Core 7 10