ME in Computer Engineering

ME in Computer Engineering

2 years

The Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering prepares students for leadership roles in all facets of computer engineering education and research activities. This program aims to provide engineering manpower of high academic excellence well suited to the job market.

Salient Features

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do you have part-time or evening graduate programs?
    • A. No. Kathmandu University only offers Full-Time programs.
  • Last time I was rejected. Can I apply this time?
    • Yes. Kathmandu University encourages you to apply.
  • Can KU waive or defer the application fee?
    • No. You must pay the application fee. Otherwise, your application will not be processed.
  • Will I be notified if something is missing from my application?
    • Yes. University will contact you. But University encourages you to check every document before you submit it.
  • Will I be notified about the Interview List and Admission List?
    • Yes. KU publishes the list of applicants on its We will also get information in your mail.
  • What is the cost of each graduate program?
    • NRs. 297000 (2 Lakhs Ninety Seven Thousand)
  • Does Department accept transfer credit?
    • No.
  • Is transportation service available to graduate students?
    • No. You have to either use your own vehicle or stay nearby University.
  • Is hostel service available to graduate students?
    • No. You have to rent a room outside University.
  • How do I pay my regular tuition fee?
    • Department provides you a fee structure page for every student. You have to deposit the amount as mentioned in the fee structure – 3 or 4 times a year.
  • How do I apply for Teaching Assistantship?
    • To apply for TAship, you first need to be a graduate student. Department will announce the vacancy for Teaching Assistant later. Every graduate student of KU is eligible to apply.
  • What is Formula Funding and how do I apply for it?
    • Formula Funding is the Full Scholarship provided by University Grants Commission (UGC). Only 10% of the total students in each program will receive this scholarship. Department will announce the Notice in October/November. Every student is eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Can I defer my admission?
    • Yes, you can. But you will NOT be refunded.
  • Whom can I contact if I have a specific question?
    • If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please contact CSE Department via email at or



Completion of a four-year undergraduate program in the field of Computer Engineering / Electronics and Communication Engineering with a score of at least 50% in aggregate or CGPA 2.5.

Admission Criteria

Admission Test Syllabus for ME Computer Engineering/ MTech IT/ MTech in AI

  1. Programming Basic structured programming concepts (Data Types, Operators), Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (Objects, Class, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
  2. Data Structure and Algorithms Stack, Queue, Lists, Hash table, Sorting and Searching algorithms 
  3. Database Management Systems Relational Database Concepts, ER Diagram, Normalization, Transaction 
  4. Software Engineering Software Process Models, Planning & Scheduling, Testing 
  5. Artificial Intelligence Problem Solving through Search, Logics, Current Trends in AI  
  6. Computer Networks Basics of Computer Networks, TCP/IP, Physical Layer, Network Layer, Data Link Layer, Concepts of IP Addressing

Note: All six subjects carry equal weightage.

Curricular Structure

The program of Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering holds 60 credits in total distributed evenly across the four semesters in two years duration.

The detailed curricular structure is:

First Year | First Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP 504 Software Engineering 3
COMP 568 Tools and Techniques for Research 3
MAPG 503 Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science 3
COMP 502 Design and Analysis for Algorithms 3
----- Elective I 3
Total   15
First Year | Second Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP 503 Advanced Database Management System 3
COMP 505 Tools and Techniques for Research 3
COMP 580 Project Work I 3
----- Elective II 3
----- Elective III 3
Total   15
Second Year | Third Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP 581 Project Work II 6
COMP 593 Distributed Operating System 3
----- Elective Iv 3
----- Elective V 3
Total   15
Second Year | Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP 582 Dissertation Work 15
Total   15