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3 year(s)

Bir Hospital is the oldest and central hospital of our country. It was established in B.S. 1947 during that time of Prime Minister Bir S.J.B. Rana. Bir hospital is the first institute to start Radiotherapy unit in the country.

Radiation treatment started in Bir hospital from 17-12-2047 B.S. We have Theratron 780C cobalt machine from Canada. In 12-year duration, we have treated more than 7500 cancer patients by radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy unit has recently changed the old source of Cobalt by a new one. Since last three years, B.P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital and Bhakatrapur Cancer Hospital has also started as a separate Cancer Centers.

Thus Bir Hospital is the pioneer institute for Radiotherapy and Clinical oncology. At present, all the facilities of RT, Medical Oncology and Surgical oncology are available except few specialized technique like Bone marrow Transplantation, some molecular and immunological studies and Stereotactic Radiosurgery.



1. Candidates should have MBBS or equivalent degree recognized by the Nepal Medical Council.

2. Candidates should have minimum two years of work experience in Government, University or other similar recognized hospitals after temporary registration with Medical Council.

3. Candidates should have achieve minimum 50% marks in the written MCQ type entrance examination.

4. For selection of candidates 60% of the marking would ve as per the markings of the written examination, and rest 40% would be given as following:

a) Experience in remote areas as per the classification of Ministry (2 years X maximum number 10%) : 20%

b) P.G diplomas from a recognized university in the concerned subject only ( Diploma holder in one subject can not apply in other subject) : 5%

c) MBBS or equivalent ( >75%: 5;>60%: 4;>50:3) :5%

d) I.Sc or equivalent or certificate in health sciences ( >60%: 5;>45%: 4;<45:3): 5%

e) SLC or equivalent ( >75%:5;>60%: 4;>45:3;<45%:2): 5%

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