MBA in Global Leadership and Management

MBA in Global Leadership and Management

2 years
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  • Fee:NPR 563,900

The Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership and Management (MBA GLM) program is meticulously crafted for individuals aspiring to emerge as global leaders in sustainable business. Tailored to enhance leadership proficiency, cross-cultural competencies, and strategic thinking, this program equips students for global leadership roles in diverse business landscapes. Through a comprehensive curriculum with a global perspective, students are adeptly prepared to navigate international business environments, fostering success on a global scale.

The MBA in Global Leadership and Management program is geared towards cultivating professional skills essential for effective organizational leadership in a global setting. The program aims to deepen applied business knowledge while honing management and leadership abilities relevant to international business careers. Graduates emerge well-prepared for leadership positions in international businesses, multilateral agencies, and global nonprofit organizations, possessing the competencies required for success in multicultural settings both at home and abroad.

Participants engage in a Leadership Development Program alongside the core academic curriculum, designed to furnish them with insights, analytical capabilities, and skills necessary to address the challenges faced by leaders shaping organizations in today's dynamic world. The program focuses on managing oneself and others, enhancing employee well-being and performance within dynamic and complex environments.

This degree program is a collaborative effort between the SOMTU and the School of Management & Economics, Graduate School of Global Management and Leadership at Handong Global University (HGU), Republic of Korea. Established under the MOU signed between Tribhuvan University (TU) and HGU, the program aims to:

  • Prepare dedicated leaders for the economic and social development of Nepal with a glocal (global-local) perspective.
  • Foster self-motivated and competent leaders equipped with the capacity to construct balanced and sustainable development on a global scale.
  • Instill creative and transformative leadership skills and attitudes with problem-solving capabilities.


The minimum qualification to apply for the program is minimum Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of
CGPA score of 2 or 45 percent.

Admission Criteria

Admission Procedure: All the eligible students must appear in Written Entrance Test (SOMAT) which includes Verbal Ability, Quantitative, Issue-Based Essay, and Case Analysis. (SOMAT Manual is available on demand).

Students who have passed the SOMAT will appear in Group Discussion and Individual Presentation and the selected students will be called for Personal Interview and final list for admission will be published. 

Curricular Structure


Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
GLM 535 Managerial Communications 2
GLM 536 Marketing Analysis and Research 2
GLM 537 Business Statistics and Analytics 3
GLM 538 Social Issues, Innovation and Enterprises 2
GLM 503 Foundations on Global Leadership and Management 2
GLM 539 Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship 1
PRJ 701 Intensive Project Camp I 3
Total   16


Course Code Subject Credit Hours
GLM 540 Global Managerial Economics 2
GLM 541 Accounting for Manager 2
GLM 513 Cross-Cultural Management 2
GLM 542 Organisational Behaviour 2
GLM 534 Management of Sustainable Development 2
GLM 504 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Global Management 2
GLM 543 E-Marketing (Practicum) 1
PRJ 702 Intensive Project Camp II 3
Total   16


Course Code Subject Credit Hours
GLM 544 Global Business Environment 2
GLM 545 Global Business Ethics 2
GLM 546 Financial Planning (Practicum) 2
GLM 547 Financial Management 2
GLM 548 International Human Resources Management 2
GLM 549 Contemporary Law for Entrepreneurs (Practicum 2
PRJ 703 Intensive Project Camp III 3
Total   15


Course Code Subject Credit Hours
GLM 531 Global Strategy and Leadership 3
GLM 532 International Supply Chain Management 2
GLM 550 Social Enterprises Development Report (Field Based Study) 2
PRJ 704 Intensive Project Camp IV 3
  Electives (Any two) 2+2
Total   14


Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
GLME 631 Negotiation Skills for Global Managers 2
GLME 632 Economy Diplomacy 2
GLME 633 International Financial Crisis Management 2
GLME 634 International Marketing Research 2
GLME 635 Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets 2
GLME 636 Managing Natural Resources 2
GLME 637 Agro-Business Management 2
GLME 638 Management of Cooperatives 2
GLME 639 Management of Events, Exhibitions and Fairs 2
GLME 640 Management of Civil Organisations 2
GLME 641 Start-up Business Management 2