Master of Arts in Music

Master of Arts in Music

2 years
  • Fee:NPR 400,000

The Department of Music at Kathmandu University offers two-year Masters Program in Ethnomusicology. The M.A. (Ethnomusicology) Program is highly participatory and students are expected to take an active role in the preparation, field research and leading of class discussions. 

Course work emphasizes the value of fieldwork coupled with a strong theoretical grounding. It supports both continued research and teaching at tertiary and secondary education levels, as well as having application in a variety of other institutional settings.

The program focuses on assisting students to:

  1. Acquire knowledge and skills concerning Music Training (Practical) and Research in Ethnomusicology,


  • To equip postgraduates with a professional qualification in Ethnomusicology; 
  • To develop a sound theoretical basis for undertaking musical research; 
  • To provide students with a thorough grounding in the field for teaching purposes; 
  • To give practical training in musical performance and dance; 
  • To consider Irish music within a larger geographical framework
  • To develop the capability and confidence of students to contribute nationally and internationally as Musician and Scholar
  • Be able to effectively conduct basis and applied research, and work in a team

Salient Features

The new semester will begin from the 8th of February 2015. There is a provision of scholarship for 20% of the total number of admitted students.



Completion of a four-year Bachelor degree in Ethnomusicology, with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 out of 4.0 or an equivalent of 50% marks acquired will be the basic criteria. Also, securing an acceptable ranking in the entrance exam will be essential. The entrance exam will test the candidate's musical skills, language proficiency and analytical abilities.


The total fee for Nepali students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Music program for the academic year 2079/80 (2022 Batch) is NPR. 400,000.

The fee structure for international students seeking admission to the Master of Arts in Music program at Kathmandu University (KU) is as follows:

  1. The fees for applicants from SAARC countries will be 1.5 times the amount specified for domestic students i.e., NPR.600,000
  2. On the other hand, international students from countries outside of SAARC will be required to pay double the fees stated for domestic students i.e., NPR. 800,000

Curricular Structure

First Semester

Course Code Course Credit Hour
MUSC 511 Seminar in Ethnomusicology I 2
MUSC 512 Aural Training and Analysis I 1
MUSC 513 Special Seminar in World Music I 2
MUSC 514 Practical Music 6
MUSC 515 Research Methodology 1
MUSC 516 to 522 Elective Languages I 3

Second Semester

Course Code Course Credit Hour
MUSC 523 Seminar in Ethnomusicology II 2
MUSC 524 Preparation for Fieldwork I: Audio and Video Recording 2
MUSC 525 Aural Training and Analysis II 1
MUSC 526 Special Seminar in World Music II 1
MUSC 527 Practical Music 6
MUSC 528 to 534 Elective Languages II 3

Third Semester

Course Code Course Credit Hour
MUSC 535 Tutorial - 1 1
MUSC 536 Students Seminars - 2 2
MUSC 537 Research Project I: Data Collection - 12 12
MUSC 538 Practical Music (Optional) -2 2

Fourth Semester

Course Code Course Credit Hour
MUSC 541 Tutorial 1
MUSC 542 Student Seminars 2
MUSC 543 Research Project II: Research Report 12
MUSC 544 Practical Music (Optional)