MSc in Urban Design and Conservation

MSc in Urban Design and Conservation

2 years

Urban Design and Conservation is concerned with the building of a civilized city in continuity with its past heritage. It is also concerned with public and the community services like safe streets for people, squares for community to gather and place for children or elderly to play rest and get together. Traditional cities of Kathmandu Valley and other countries are a testimony of harmonious townscape with enough community and urban spaces in the form of streets, squares, ponds and temple complexes. The places were also theatres where all kinds of cultural activities sometimes in the form of drama and festival were played. In order to conserve our past heritage and develop our cities in broader perspective, the college launched the Postgraduate Department of Urban Design and Conservation. The faculty staffs including the visiting faculties bring together the existing knowledge in the field , do research works in collaboration with students and other relevant agencies and propose solutions to the key issues of urban design and conservation.

The main goal of this Master’s degree Program is to prepare higher level professionals and academics with the social development needs of the time that is characterized by community, culture, ecology and sustainability, and who can also equally involve at interregional and international cooperation.


Bachelor in Architecture or B.E. in Civil or related engineering subjects recognized by Purbanchal University

Score minimum passed marks in entrance exam conducted by Purbanchal University and interview taken by College

Curricular Structure

The course duration spans over a two-year period with four semesters each holding 15 credits totaling 60 for the full course. The subject wise breakdown of the course is:

First Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
MUDC111 Theories of Urban Design 3
MUDC112 History of Built Environment 3
MUDC113 Theory of Philosophy of Conservation 3
MUDC114 Construction Technology, Material and Conservation 3
MUDC115 Disaster Management and Urban Development 2
MUDC116 Elective I 1
Total   15
Second Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
MUDC121 Urban Design Principles and Processes 3
MUDC122 Conservation Management and Legislation 2
MUDC123 Environmental Psychology 1
MUDC124 Design Studio I 5
MUDC125 Field Study 2
MUDC126 Project Design and Research Methodology 1
MUDC127 Elective II 1
Total   15
Third Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
MUDC211 Cultural Resource Management 3
MUDC212 Urban Growth Management 3
MUDC213 Real State Management 2
MUDC214 Design Studio II 5
MUDC215 Thesis Proposal Seminar 2
Total   15
Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Title Credits
MUDC221 Thesis Report 15
Total   15