Master of Laws - Purbanchal University

Masters in law i.e. Legisum Laterum Masterom (LL.M.) course of Purbanchal University is currently offered in three affiliated colleges, two situated in Kathmandu Valley and one in Biratnagar.  It is an yearly programme. 
The LLM program is offered in the following specialization area
  1. Human Rights and Gender Justice,
  2. Criminal Law and Justice, and 
  3. Business and International Trade Laws. 
Eligibility: Interested students holding Bachelors' Degree in Law (BL/ LL.B from any accredited university) are eligible to apply for the program. 
Courses taught in Masters of Law programs are: 
  1. Legal Research
  2. Juvenile Justice
  3. Nepalese Laws on Gender and Accessibility to Justice
  4. Criminal Law Cases and Materials
  5. Law of Intellectual Property
  6. Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Thematic Mechanism of Enforcement of Human Rights
  7. Forensic Jurisprudence
  8. Contract Law
  9. Comparative Study of Legal System


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