MSc International Business Management - University of the West of England UK

University of the West of England UK


2 year(s)

MSc International Business Management is a programme provided by the University of the West of England, UK. This programme offers you the unique opportunity of gaining an internationally recognised Masters degree in Nepal from a distinguished British university. The MSc International Business Management is designed for those who have recently completed their undergraduate degree and who wish to progress to a career in management within a corporation, government, or an international organisation.

The primary aims of the programme are to equip students with an advanced understanding of the concepts and current/pervasive issues within international business, as well as develop the analytical and research skills needed to make reasoned and creative contributions to business and management practice. In addition, the programme also aims to prepare students for a career in international business and management by extending their personal and interpersonal skills and enhancing lifelong learning skills. Finally, the course includes personal development aspects, allowing the student to be self-starting, original and innovative when contributing to business and society at large.