MPhil in Public Administration

MPhil in Public Administration

Master of Philosophy
1 year 6 months

Master in Philosophy (M-Phil) in Public Administration is one of the important academic programs under Faculty of Management at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. The program mainly addresses core issues of public administration within both global and Nepalese context and maintains a very strong research orientation. The program will fulfill the growing demand for higher studies in Public Administration in Nepal.


This program has been launched to produce high level professional manpower and leadership capability in the fields of overall management, governance and pedagogy needed for the public, private and civil society organizations in order to catch up and confront with emerging challenges in these important areas.

Salient Features

Program Objectives

The objectives of the program are to produce high-level professional manpower to work in teaching, research and academic fields, and also to serve in government, non-government, public and private enterprises. This program aims to upgrade independent research abilities among the teachers, academics and the professionals in various fields. The specific objectives of the M-Phil program are:

Training the students for deeper knowledge and research skills in the key areas of administrative science, public policy and organization behavior, research methodologies, development management, human resource management, and governance;

Providing in-depth knowledge in the areas of research methods; and

Preparing students pursue Ph.D. in the field of Public affairs management.


Eligibility for Admission in MPhil in Public Administration 

 Candidates, who have successfully completed Master’s degree in Public Administration, Business Studies, Management, and Political Science, Political Science, Sociology, Economics and Rural Development as recognized by Tribhuvan University with at least Second Division will be eligible for admission. The potential students must have two years work experience either in teaching or in other fields of administration and management.  Language of instruction, examination, and writing term papers and the thesis will be English. Admission criteria for MPhil in Public Administration Selection of candidates emphasizes the academic achievement and potentiality of the applicant. For this, scholastic, achievements, work experience, and ability in the group presentation including entrance test and oral interview will be used for selecting the candidates. Students are ranked and selected on the basis of their qualification and commitments, taking all the factors mentioned as above. In case of sponsored students, they are required to submit a ‘Sponsorship Certificate’ from their respective organization. For such students 20% seats will be reserved. In the absence of such sponsored students, the seats will be allotted to other individual students. Entrance testWritten entrance test will be held at a place decided by Central Department of Public Administration, Tribhuvan University, Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal. The test will cover general knowledge in the field of public administration, public policy, research techniques, and professional writing skills. The language of the test will be in English. Please consult the topic - Model entrance question for more details

Curricular Structure

Curriculum outline for M.Phil in Public Administration 

First Semester

Second Semester


  1. Development Policy in Nepal (MPH 601)/ Human Resource Development in Nepal (MPH 611)/ Local Self-governance in Nepal (MPH 621)
  2. Nepal's Plan Development (MPH 602)/ Nepalese Civil Service (MPH 612)/ Governance and Role of NGOs in Nepal (MPH 622). 
  3. Research Methodology in Public Administration-III (MPH 503)