Level 4 Diploma in Tourism Management

Level 4 Diploma in Tourism Management


This comprehensive management program spans nine months for full-time participants. CTH Level 4 courses blend practical career-oriented components with essential management disciplines, offering valuable skills for career advancement. The program strikes a balance by providing practical workplace skills and the theoretical foundation necessary for progression in both managerial roles and educational pursuits.

Upon completion of the Level 4 program, students have the option to pursue further studies, often advancing to the CTH Level 5 Advanced Diploma. Given that the Level 4 Diploma is designed to be comparable to the first year of a bachelor's degree, graduates can seek credit entry into various bachelor degree programs at selected universities globally. Nevertheless, the course also serves as excellent preparation for immediate employment in the sector.

Salient Features

Mandatory Units
Unit Code Unit Title L CV GLH URN Assessment Method
FTH Finance in Tourism and Hospitality 3 15 80 M/507/3867 Assignment
CSMTH Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality 4 15 60 R/504/4412 Closed book written examination
GTH Global Tourism and Hospitality 4 20 60 H/504/4415 Assignment
TTO Travel and Tourism Operations 3 15 80 F/504/4387 Closed book written examination
TTS Travel and Tourism Supervision 4 20 60 T/504/4418 Assignment
TG Travel Geography 3 15 80 Y/504/4394 Closed book written examination
DA Destination Analysis 4 20 60 A/504/4419 Assignment
Diploma Total (7 units) 120 480


Students must be at least 17, have completed secondary education (UK Level 3 / A-Level equivalent) and have English IELTS 5.5 equivalent. Students should also have demonstrable study skills.