Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma in Fashion Design


Diploma in Fashion Design program extends over three years. Each year is divided into two semesters. There are six semesters in three years including one semester (5 months) plus three months Industrial Exposure programme. The first year (first & second semester) course includes both foundational subjects like English, Nepali for developing interpersonal communication and disciplinary subjects like Textile, Garment, Elements of fashion both theoretical and practical; the second year (third & fourth semester) course focuses on disciplinary and auxiliary subjects both theoretical and practical. Similarly, the third year(fifth & sixth semester) comprises of the disciplinary subjects and application of learnt skills and knowledge in practically.


The program aims at preparing competent middle level Fashion Designer in the field of Fashion Design/Technology.


After the completion of this program, the graduates will be enabled to:

  • Apply the professional knowledge and skills in the respected field of Fashion Design.
  • Develop the positive attitudes towards the professions with greater initiative and self-confidence.
  • Apply critical thinking for problem-solving and decision making during the service delivery.
  • Follow the quality standards set by the organization for quality assurance of the services offered to the customer.
  • Get employment in governmental, semi-governmental, non-governmental organization as well as other projects and programs.
  • Start their own enterprise and create employment.

Salient Features

Course Duration: The total duration of this curricular program is three years (six semesters). Moreover, one semester consist of 19.5 academic weeks including evaluation period. Actual teaching learning hours will not less than 15 weeks in each semester.  

Pattern of Attendance: Minimum 80% attendance in each subject is required to appear in the respective final examination.

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali 

Target Location: The target location of this program will be all over Nepal.

Group Size: The group size will be maximum of 40 (Forty) in a batch. 

Grading System:

The following grading system will be adopted:

Distinction: 80% and aboveFirst division: 65% to below 80%Second division: 50 % to below 65%Pass division: Pass marks to Below 50%

Certification and Degree Awards:

Students who have passed all the components of all the subjects of all semesters are considered to have successfully completed the course. Students who have successfully completed the course will be awarded by a degree of "Diploma in Fashion Design".


  • SEE with minimum C grade in any two subjects and D+ in any one subjects of Compulsory Mathematics, English & Science.
  • Should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT.

Job Prospects

The graduates will be eligible for the position equivalent to Non-gazetted 1st class/level 5 (technical) as "Fashion Designer" or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission of Nepal. They also will be sellable in Garment Industries, Carpet Factories, Fashion Institutions, Boutiques, Fashion Trend Setters, Fashion Forecasters, etc. The graduate will be eligible for registration with the related licensing organization of the country (if any). 

Curricular Structure

Year: I Part: I

Semester: I


1. Nepali I2. English I3. Business mathematics4. Elements of Fashion Design I5. Fundamental of textile6. Computer Application I7. Garment Technology I 

Year: I Part: II

Semester: II


1. Nepali II2. English II3. Principles of Accounting4. Computer Application II5. Textile Science I6. Garment Technology II7. Elements of fashion design II 

Year: II Part: II

Semester: IV


1. Fundamental of Marketing2. Hand Embroidery and Art3. Textile design II4. Clothing construction II5. History of Fashion

Third Year(Fifth and Sixth Semesters)

Year: III Part: I

Semester: V


1. Principle of Pattern Making2. Knitting and Crochet3. Entrepreneurship Development4. Clothing construction III5. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion 

Third Year(Fifth and Sixth Semesters)

Semester VI

Specialization & Work Experience Program

Specialization in the following (3 months)1. Pattern Making and Grading2. Quality Control and Supervision3. Fashion Sketching

Full Curriculum of Diploma in Fashion Design