Diploma in Beauty and Cosmetology

Diploma in Beauty and Cosmetology

3 years

Diploma in Beauty and Cosmetology program extends over three years. Each year is divided into two semesters. There are six semesters in three years including one semester (6 months) work experience program. The first year course includes both foundational subjects like English, Nepali, mathematics and sciences for developing interpersonal communication, academic foundation and scientific base. 

It includes disciplinary subjects like fundamentals of beauty and cosmetology make up, nail beautification, hair care, hair treatment, hair chemicals, facial make up as well as medical subjects like anatomy and physiology of hair, nail & skin and diet and nutrition both theoretical and practical. The second year course provides more advance and in-depth knowledge on the similar disciplinary and auxiliary subjects like make up, nail, beautification, hair care, hair treatment, hair chemicals, ecology and environment, facial, dermatological diseases, cosmeceutical pharmacology both theoretically and practically. Similarly, the third year comprises of the disciplinary subjects and application of learnt skills and knowledge in the work experience program practically. 


The program aims at preparing competent workforce in the field of Beauty and Cosmetology.

Program Objectives:

This program has following objectives to:

1. Prepare beauty and cosmetology technicians capable of undertaking the care and treatment of skin, hair and nail;
2. Provide high quality beauty and cosmetology services and assure the quality of services offered to the customer;
3. Prepare technical workforce having positive attitude and respect towards the profession with greater initiative;
4. Reduce the health hazards due to the service provided by untrained/unskilled human resources;
5. Fulfill the demand of required beauty and cosmetology Technicians for the public and private sector of Nepal;
6. Create self-employment opportunities.

Salient Features

Duration: The total duration of this program is three years. The program is based on semester system. Moreover, one semester consists of 15 to 19.5 weeks and one academic week consists of up to 40 hours including evaluation period. Actual teaching learning hours will be not less than 15 weeks in each semester. 

Group Size: The group size will be maximum of 40 (forty) in a batch. 

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction will be in English and Nepali. 

Pattern of Attendance: Minimum of 90% attendance in each subject is required to appear in the respective final examination.


  • SEE with minimum C grade in any two subjects and D+ in any one subjects of Compulsory Mathematics, English & Science.
  • Should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT.

Job Prospects

The graduates will be eligible for the position equivalent to Non-gazette 1st class/Level 5 (technical) as "Beauty and cosmetologist" or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission of Nepal and other related agencies. The graduate will be eligible for registration with the related licensing organization of the country (if any).