BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science

BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science

4 years

Data science is defined as the application of scientific methodology, procedures, and systems to effectively analyze immense data generated from many sources in order to obtain significant insights and produce data-driven decisions.

BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science degree will help students build excellent mathematical, statistical, computational, and programming skills. This course focuses on improving predictability and real-time intelligence, behavior analysis and mapping, and security and interpretation in a real-world setting.

Data science helps to enhance productivity by transforming a company’s data into its most valuable assets and being future-ready. The emphasis of our course material is on developing applications employing potent new techniques for gathering, arranging, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from massive amounts of data.

After completing this course, students will have the analytical skills necessary to comprehend scientific methods and practices. Big data created by systems can be effectively analyzed to yield important insights that can be used to guide important decisions.

Curricular Structure

Year 1

Module Name Credit Value
Computer Programming 20
Computer Systems 20
Network Fundamentals 20
Data Sources and Algorithms 20
Innovation Project 20
Website Design and Devlopment 20

Year 2

Module Name Credit Value
Cyber Security 20
Object-Oriented Programming  20
Introduction to Data Science 20
Software Design 20
Database and Web Application Development 20
Data Visualization 20

Year 3

Module Name Credit Value
Professional Placement Year 120

Year 4

Module Name Credit Value
Individual Honours Project 40
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 20
Modern Data Stores 20
Deep Neural Networks 20
Data Management and Machine Learning Operations 20