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4 year(s)

Offering Colleges (1)

The course BFA in Classical Music Vocal/Instrumental begins with the fundamentals of Classical and Folk Music. In the following years, the students are well familiarized with the practicalities of Stage Performance and Music Technology.  

Offering Colleges (1)

Curricular structure

First Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.1Compulsory English mus c110035
2.1Compulsory  Nepalimus c2 10035
3.1Classic Music Practical mus 31110040
4.iiApplied Theorymus 3125017
5. iiiFolk Music Practicalmus 3135020
6.ivFolk Music Theorymus 3145017
7.vTabala/Vocal (Optional) Practicalmus 3155020
8.viGeneral Theorymus 21610035

Second Year

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
9.iiCompulsory Englishmus c210035
10.viClassical Music Prac – Imus 31510040
11.viiClassical Music Prac – IImus 3165020
12.viiApplied Theorymus 3175017
13.ixFolk Music Practicalmus 3185020
14.xFolk Music Theorymus 3195017
15.xiOptiona Tabala/Vocal Practicalmus 32010040
16.xiiiGeneral Theorymus 32110035

Third Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.xviClassical music practical-IMus. 32410040
2.xvClassical Music Practical-II (Non details)Mus. 3255020
3.xviApplied TheoryMus. 3265017
4.xviiOptional Tabala/Vocal/Instrumental, PracticalMus. 32710040
5.xviiiFolk music practicalMus. 3285020
6.xixFolk music theoryMus. 3295017
7.xxGeneral TheoryMus. 33010035

Fourth Year

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
24.xxiClassic Music Practical Imus. 33110040
25.xxiiClassic Music Practical II (Non Details)mus. 3325020
26.xxiiiApplied Theorymus. 3335017
27.xxivFolk Music Practicalmus. 3345020
28xxvFolk Music Theorymus. 3355017
29xxviGeneral Theorymus. 33610035
30xxviiStage Performancemus. 33710040
31xxviiiMusic Technology Theorymus.3385017
32xxixMusic Technology Practicalmus. 3395020