Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

4 years
Fee (Tentative)NPR 470,000

.The Department of Art and Design operates within the School of Arts and offers the BFA program. It is widely recognized as one of the most successful programs in the school. The department aims to establish a notable standard for Fine Arts education in Nepal. Its dedication lies in contributing to Nepal's creative visual culture through contemporary art practices, design solutions, and the preservation of its artistic and cultural heritage.

Under the supervision of experts and regular tutors, the BFA program provides full-time academic training. Each subject within the program is taught and managed by professionals in their respective fields. The curriculum also includes regular visits to relevant experts, organizations, and institutions. Students engage in intensive class tutorials, ongoing studio work, assignments, research, writing, and self-directed or guided projects.

The department offers two undergraduate majors, equipping students with the latest tools and techniques necessary to enhance their creativity and develop the professional skills required to establish themselves as visual artists. The program aims to strengthen Nepal's visual culture.

Through a rigorous combination of studio practice, research, critical thinking, and problem-solving approaches, the program cultivates creativity by encouraging students to be adaptable, resourceful, and reflective. It prepares them to effectively tackle practical problems and challenges. Upon meeting all academic requirements, students are awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA/Specialized Major) degree by the School of Arts at Kathmandu University.

Salient Features

Objectives of the Program

  • To develop students' creative abilities to produce original works of art and design.
  • To extend their knowledge and understanding of Nepalese Art and that of other civilizations.
  • To prepare them for professional careers and further training in Art and related subjects.


Plus 2 / Intermediate / A level or equivalent degree from the institutes recognized by Kathmandu University is mandatory to join the course.


The total fee for Nepali students enrolled in Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) program for the academic year 2079/80 (2022 Batch) is NPR. 470,000.

The fee structure for international students seeking admission to Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) program at Kathmandu University (KU) is as follows:

  1. The fees for applicants from SAARC countries will be 1.5 times the amount specified for domestic students i.e., NPR.705,000
  2. On the other hand, international students from countries outside of SAARC will be required to pay double the fees stated for domestic students i.e., NPR. 940,000

Admission Criteria

When can I enroll for BFA course?

You should enroll before September for this course. Application will be available during the last week of July and Entrance Test is usually scheduled for mid-August. You will be provided with detail information when you submit your application form.

How long is the class duration?

Our class starts at 7:30am and ends at 4:30pm in the afternoon. The theory classes are generally 90 mins long while practical classes are 4-6 hours long depending upon class schedules.

Do I need to have prior knowledge of Art before I enter for this course?

Not necessarily. Since the course is designed for the very beginners, you can enroll without any prior knowledge of Art. However your previous knowledge could be beneficial if you have any.

What do I need to prepare for the entrance test?

Our entrance test is designed in such a manner that it will project your ability and inquisitiveness for the course. We seek your aptitude in English language, sculpture and drawing. The interview is generally very friendly with our faculty members who look forward to your honest participation. 

Job Prospects

Possible Career Paths after Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Graphic Communication 

Innovator, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Typographer, Illustrator, Photographer, Animator, Art Director, Entrepreneur, Interdisciplinary Artist, Storyboard Artist etc

Other Career Paths after specialized training:

Videographer, Film-maker, Animator, Product Designer, Researcher, Web Designer, Interior Designer, Game Designer etc

Possible Career Paths after Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Studio Art

Artist, Art Educator, Gallery Manager, Painter, Illustrator, Innovator, Photographer, Craft Artist, Designer, Researcher, Animator, Art Director, Entrepreneur, Interdisciplinary Artist,  Art Writer, Set Designer etc

Other Career Paths after specialized trainings:

Art Historian, Curator, Graphic Designer, Art Administrator, Art Activist, Videographer, Film-maker, Museum Manager, Animator, Product Designer, Researcher, Tattoo Artist, Art Critic, Web Designer, Interior Designer, Conservator, Restorer, Heritage Expert, Museologist etc

Curricular Structure

Program Format:

  • Foundation: BFA First / Second Years
  • Specialization: BFA Third / Fourth Years

Students choose either Graphic Communication or Studio Art in Third Year with one Elective courses from Illustration, Photography or Extra Traditional Art Practice.

Studio Art

This course aims to give students an in-depth investigation into the advanced level of art practice. The students will be tasked with projects as well as they are also encouraged to carry their own independent projects in art. Students will not only work in conventional materials but also search for various other experimental approaches. This will help the students to explore and create individual yet creative artwork. With references of their academic knowledge from foundation years, students will be allowed to explore, investigate and realize wider possible means of visual expression. They will be assisted with assigned thematic research based art projects as well as their own individual projects. The course will help students to build themselves as prospective professional artist by making them creative visual person by confirming their ability to recognize their personal idiom.

Graphic Communication

This is a more intensive course of the special attention to developing clarity of concepts, strategies and responsibilities of a powerful campaign. Students, not only focus to produce killer ads but will plan, choose and develop campaign strategies for assigned dummy or real clients.

SEMESTER I 18 Credits
BFAT 101 World Art Studies I 2
BFAT 103 Materials and Methods I 2
BFAT 105 Writing and Rhetoric Workshop I 2
BFAF 101 2D Foundation I 4
BFAF 103 3D Foundation I 4
BFAF 105 Photography Basics I 2
BFAF 107 Graphic Design Basics I 2
SEMESTER II 18 Credits
BFAT 102 South Asian Art Studies I 2
BFAT 104 Materials and Methods II 2
BFAT 106 Writing and Rhetoric Workshop II 2
BFAF 102 2D Foundation II 4
BFAF 104 3D Foundation II 4
BFAF 106 photography Basics II 2
BFAF 108 Graphic Design Basics II 2
BFAT 201 World Arts Studies II 2
BFAT 203 South Asian Art Studies II 2
BFAF 201 3D Foundation III 4
BFAF 203 3D Foundation III 4
BFAF 207 Photography Basics III 2
BFAF 209 Graphic Design Basics III 2
BFAF 211 Printmaking Basics I 2
SEMESTER IV 18 Credits
BFAT 202 World Art Studies III 2
BFAT 204 South Asian Art Studies III 2
BFAF 202 2D Foundation IV 4
BFAF 204 3D Foundation IV 4
BFAF 208 Photography Basics IV 2
BFAF 210 Graphic Design Basics IV 2
BFAF 212 Printmaking Basics II 2
BFAT 305 History of Graphic Design 3
BFAG 301 Design Principals 3
BFAG 303 Typography 3
BFAG 305 Digital Tools I 3
BFAG 307 Image Development 2
*** Electives 3
BFAT 306 Printing Technology 3
BFAG 302 Design Studio 4
BFAG 304 Package Design 4
BFAG 305 Digital Tools II 3
*** Electives 3
BFAT 407 Advertising Theory 3
BFAT 405 Research, Documentation and Archiving 2
BFAG 401 Campaign Design 7
BFAG 403 Digital Studio 3
*** Electives 3
BFAR 406 BFA Dissertation 3
BFAR 410 Internship 2
BFAR 412 BFA Exhibition Project 2
BFAR 414 Integrated Project 6
BFAR 416 Portfolio Development and Presentation 2
BFAT 301 World Art Studies IV 2
BFAT 303 South Asian Art Studies IV 3
BFAS 301 Studio Art I 6
BDAS 303 Traditional Art Practice I 3
BFAS 305 Studio Seminar I 1
*** Electives 3
BFAT 302 World Art Studies V 2
BFAT 304 South Asian Art Studies V 2
BFAS 302 Studio Art II 6
BFAS 303 Traditional Art Practice II 3
BFAS 305 Studio Seminar II 1
*** Electives 3
BFAT 401 Art Theory and Aesthetics 3
BFAT 403 Art in Education 3
BFAT 405 Research, Documentation and Archiving 2
BFAS 401 Studio Art III 6
BFAS 406 Studio Seminar III 1
*** Electives 3
BFAR 406 BFA Dissertation 3
BFAR 412 BFA Exhibition Project 2
BFAR 414 Integrated Project 6
BFAR 416 Portfolio Development and Presentation 2
BFAR 418 Professional Practice for Artist 2
BFAE 301 | 302 | 401 Photography 3
BFAE 303 | 304 | 403 Illustration 3
BFAE 305 | 306 | 405 Animation 3
BFAE 307 | 308 | 407 Ceramic / Pottery 3
BFAE 309 | 310 | 409 Print Making 3
BFAE 311 | 312 | 411 Creative Non-fiction 3
BFAE 315 | 316 | 415 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
BFAE 317 | 318 | 419 Memories and Spaces 3
BFAE 319 | 320 | 421 Art Therapy 3

International Admission / Exchange / Credit Transfer

The department welcomes applications from qualified students from all over the world. General admission process, requirements, and obligations are identical with students applying from within Nepal. Language proficiency in English is highly recommended. Admission decisions are based on a number of factors, including Portfolio of your work, Grade Point Average (GPA), Personal Statements, Letters of Recommendation, as well as other achievement records.

The department offers exchange program to students from other University around the world recognized by Kathmandu University. Exchange students from other Universities can come here on exchange semester or can take classes here and earn credits required, and expand their experience in a new culture.

Generally, application is open once in a year for the Fall Session. For updates regarding admission and procedure visit the website.