Bachelor of Information Technology with Technopreneurship (Hons)

Bachelor of Information Technology with Technopreneurship (Hons)

3 years

First of its sort in Nepal, this program provides a combination of the study of IT with business modules, designed to enable the commercial exploitation of technical innovations. It gives students the ability to program and use multimedia to develop innovative business solutions. Students will be exposed to commercial development opportunities in start-ups, and small or large businesses. Students will also be given an awareness of market research, and finance and management; underpinning the development of entrepreneurial capabilities. The program also provides students with an understanding of the context, nature, role, and significance of management activities as undertaken by managers in a range of organizations. Students will also be exposed to well-researched, logical, and integrated solutions to multifaceted problems in dynamic and uncertain contexts.

The total duration of the program is 3 years spread across 6 semesters.

Salient Features

  • Education based on practical approach with emphasis on conceptual understanding and skill development over against rote learning and learning-for-exam
  • Tie up arrangements with various industries and corporate houses of repute
  • Incorporation of a wide range of value-adding non-credit courses in the curriculum
  • Mentoring and strategic support assistance to viable business ideas of students and alumni through College Incubation Cell
  • Angel Investment facility to entrepreneurial startups of students and alumni
  • Guaranteed placement for the top ten performing graduates in companies running under CG Holdings

Curricular Structure

BIT with Technopreneurship (Hons) offered by CG Institute of Management is of 123 credit hours, and the total program duration is 3 years spread over 6 semesters.


Subject Credit Hour
Communication Theory and Study Skills 3
Fundamental of Computer Systems 3
Mathematics for Computing 3
Introduction to Management 3
Principles of Economics 3
Multimedia Technology 3
Creative Studies 3
Total 21


Subject Credit Hour
Database System 3
Financial Accounting Fundamentals 3
Probability and Statistics 3
Business Communication Skills 3
JAVA Programming I 4
Introduction to Information Systems 3
Total 19


Subject Credit Hour
Information Security 3
Management Information Systems 3
Introduction to Finance 3
Electronic Commerce Theories and Practices 3
Java Programming II 4
Managing People 3
Total 19


Subject Credit Hour
Business Planning and Idea Generation 3
System Analysis and Design 3
Data Communications and Networking 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Information Technology Law 3
Total 18


Subject Credit Hour
Major Project 1 2
Decision Support System 3
Software Project Management 3
Ethics and Professional Conduct 3
Web Programming With JAVA 4
Database Design and Management 3
Artificial Intelligence 3
Total 21


Subject Credit Hour
Major Project 2 4
Technology and Innovation 3
Emerging Technologies 3
Entrepreneurial Finance 3
Knowledge Management 3
Business Environment in Nepal 3
Practical Internship 6
Total 25