Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

4 years
  • Fee:NPR 470,000

Bachelor in Music/Ethnomusicology (BMus) is a four years courses offered by Kathmandu University. 

This course includes training competent musicians and ethnomusicologists to document, preserve, and work creatively with endangered musical traditions of Nepal. The entire course is participatory and students are expected to take an active role in the preparation and leading of class discussions.


Aim of the program

  • Give the musical traditions of Nepal a chance for survival by means of study, practice, documentation, preservation, communication, appreciation, and creative development
  • Provide the public and private sectors with students competent in music performance, music studies as well as modern recording media, in order to work in areas concerned with performance, training, preservation, and presentation of culture, research, publication, media work, tourism, consultation, international presentation, and cultural politics.
  • Preserve the traditional repertoire to the latest scientific standards, encourage and involve traditional musicians, and dancers.

The degree of Bachelor of Music in Ethnomusicology is awarded on successful completion of the prescribed course and project work spread over four academic years in eight semesters of full-time study. The curriculum is designed to develop an integrated understanding of Nepalese and South Asian music and a basic knowledge of other musical traditions of the world and subjects and skills related to ethnomusicology.


 Completion of a 10+2 or equivalent, with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 out of 4.0 or an equivalent of 50 percent marks.


The total fee for Nepali students enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in Music program for the academic year 2079/80 (2022 Batch) is NPR. 470,000.

The fee structure for international students seeking admission to Bachelor of Arts in Music program at Kathmandu University (KU) is as follows:

  1. The fees for applicants from SAARC countries will be 1.5 times the amount specified for domestic students i.e. NPR. 705,000
  2. On the other hand, international students from countries outside of SAARC will be required to pay double the fees stated for domestic students; i.e. NPR 940,000.

Curricular Structure

First Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 011 Music Theory and Notation 2
MUSC 012 Practical Music I 8
MUSC 013 Introduction to Ethnomusicology 2
MUSC 112
English I OR
Nepali I (For foreign students Only)

Second Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 021 Study Skills 2
MUSC 043 Advanced Music Theory 2
MUSC 022 Practical Music II 8
MUSC 122
English II OR
Nepali II (For foreign students Only)

Third Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 031 Music and Society 2
MUSC 032 Practical Music III 6
MUSC 051 Music of South Asia I: Great Traditions 2
MUSC 133 South Asian Civilisation I 2
MUSC 132
English III OR
Nepali III (For foreign students Only)

Fourth Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 042 Practical Music IV 6
MUSC 061 Music of South Asia II: Local Traditions 2
MUSC 053 Aural Training I 2
MUSC 143 South Asian Civilization II 2
MUSC 142
English IV OR
Nepali IV (For foreign students Only)

Fifth Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 054 Music of Nepal I: Kathmandu Valley 2
MUSC 063 Aural Training II 2
MUSC 052 Practical Music V 6
MUSC 134 Sociology and Anthropology: Introduction 2
MUSC 152
English V OR
Nepali V (For foreign students Only)

Sixth Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 044 World Music I: Introduction 2
MUSC 083 Aural Training II 2
MUSC 062 Practical Music VI 6
MUSC 064 Music of Nepal II: Music of the hills & other areas 2
MUSC 162
English VI OR
Nepali VI (For foreign students Only)

Seventh Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 171 Anthropology & Sociology of Nepal I 2
MUSC 074 World Music II: European Folk Music, Middle East, Central Asia 2
MUSC 071 Classical Western Music I: Greece, Rome, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque 2
MUSC 023 Sound Recording and Amplification 3

Eighth Semester

Course Code Subject Total Credit Hour
MUSC 072 Practical Music VII 6
MUSC 181 Anthropology & Sociology of Nepal II 2
MUSC 081 Classic Western Music II: Classical, Romantic, Modern 2
MUSC 073 Audio Studio Technique 3
MUSC 082 Practical Music VIII 6
MUSC 084 World Music III: Africa, America, South East, and Far East Asia 2