Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

BA Linguistics ·
4 years

The Linguistics courses for 4-year BA level are designed to introduce the students to the fundamental concepts and methodologies of linguistics and enable them to apply their knowledge of linguistics in various practical fields. 

As four years BA program is the foundation for specialization in higher education, courses in linguistics are offered as one of the major subjects at the BA level. Under this program, eight papers are offered, viz. seven major, and one elective. Students can select one of the optional papers of code No.426 as the sixth paper. The paper with code No. 410 is elective.


Students are required to have completed their Intermediate or equivalent qualifications in any discipline with good marks.

Curricular Structure

Students are required to take Compulsory English in the first and the third years and Compulsory Nepali in the second year. University offers Alternative English in the second year for International students as an alternative to Compulsory Nepali.

Compulsory Subjects:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

C.Eng.401 Reading and Writing in English

C.Nep.402 Compulsory Nepali

C. Eng.403 Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines


Alt. Eng. 402 Alternative English

Curriculum Structure of BA Linguistics

First Year 

  • Ling. 421 Introduction to Linguistics 
  • Ling.422 Languages of Nepal

Second Year 

  • Ling.423 Sociolinguistics and Psycholinguistics 
  • Ling.424 Phonetics and Phonology

Third Year 

  • Ling.425 Morphosyntax 

Fourth Year 

  • Ling.426 (Anyone)
  • Ling.426-I Dictionary making
  • Ling.426-II Translation Studies  
  • Ling.427 Research Methodology
  • Ling.410 Language and Linguistics (Elective)

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