Bachelor of Arts in Population Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Population Studies

4 years

BA in Population Studies is a four-year course that is introduced by Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. 

The main object of this course is to make the students aware of the basic concepts in population studies, demography

and theories, and the linkage between population and development. This course deals with the interplay between the components of population change and development. It includes the history of population growth, population momentum, fertility, mortality, migration, and urbanization. Population and quality of life, population policies and programs, aspects of gender, human development, and SDGs are also dealt with to establish meaningful interrelationships between population and development.


Students are required to have completed their Intermediate or equivalent qualifications in any discipline with good marks.

Curricular Structure

Students are required to take Compulsory English in the first and the third years and Compulsory Nepali in the second year. University offers  Alternative English in the second year for International students as an alternative to Compulsory Nepali.

Compulsory Subjects:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

C.Eng.401 Reading and Writing in English

C.Nep.402 Compulsory Nepali

C. Eng.403 Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines


Alt. Eng. 402 Alternative English

Curriculum Structure of BA in Population Studies

First Year

  • Pop. 421 Principles of Population and Development
  • Pop. 422 Population and Health

Second Year

  • Pop. 423 Basic Demographic Analysis
  • Pop. 424 Basic Mathematics and Statistics for Population Studies

Third Year

  • Pop. 425-1 Population, Resources, and Governance
  • Pop. 425-2 Business and Political Demography

Fourth Year

  • Pop. 426 Population Research Methods
  • Pop. 427-1 Migration and Development
  • Pop. 410 Population Diversity of Nepal (Elective)
  • Pop. 427-2 Poverty, Inequality and social justice

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