Nepal Veterinary Council

Tripureshwor, Kathmandu


The Nepal Veterinary Council (NVC) is Nepal's highest veterinary authority, having been constituted as a national veterinary legislative body by the promulgation of the Nepal Veterinary Council Act, 2055. The Nepal Veterinary Council was formed to oversee and improve the veterinary industry, mobilize it in a scientific way, and make arrangements for the registration of names based on veterinary doctor qualifications.

Being a member of the World Trade Organization, Nepal has the international obligation to ensure the quality of its national veterinary service including the legislative and regulatory mechanism, through the establishment of the Council in line with the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) World Organization of Animal Health. The NVC maintains functional relationships with national and international organizations.

The board is composed of a President, two Vice-Presidents, and eight members who are licensed veterinarians chosen or appointed for a four-year term. The government appoints a registrar as the general in charge of administration in the Council's office.

NVC has a central-level agency with an office in Tripushwore, Kathmandu, at the veterinary complex. The registrar is in charge of the NVC's day-to-day operations, which are handled at the Council's office. The office is responsible for putting NVC resolutions into action.

The main functions of the Council are:

  • To regulate the qualified veterinarians
  • To regulate veterinary professionals
  • To regulate veterinary educational establishments
  • To advocate government in the matter related to the veterinary profession
  • To examine and approve the annual program budget of the Council

The NVC’s financial resources are derived principally from the government grant, registration fees, and other income-generating activities of the Council.

The NVC has constituted the following Committees to smooth its activities:

  • Registration Committee
  • Professional Standard and Competency Assessment Committee
  • Veterinary Institutions Monitoring Committee
  • Complaints Assessment Committee
  • Finance and Administration Committee
  • Special Committee