Valley Agriculture Campus



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Valley Agriculture Campus is affiliated to Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Rampur, Chitwan and located at Godawari Municipality-11, Chapagaun, Bajrabarahi, Lalitpur, Province-03.

This campus aims to fulfill the high demand of technical manpower of agriculture sector both in local-level as well as in national-level. The demand of the agriculture graduates is very high in the government sector, Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC), Teaching Institutes, Nurseries and vegetable farms, organized private sectors industries, etc. 

Additionally, new areas of opportunities are available for the agriculture graduates at non-governmental organizations, research stations, cooperatives, as well as in private practices in and around farming community. Brain drain and labor migration is the biggest problem of our country. So, the production of the technical manpower would attract the youths for entrepreneurship which creates employment opportunities within a country. 

Valley Agriculture Campus is quite hopeful to contribute the national economy by producing technical manpower and creating the avenues for youths to engage in better sustainable livelihood and entrepreneurship.

The process of agricultural production has become increasingly complex and therefore, requires modern scientific knowledge in the field of research and its practical extension. Unless the skilled workforce is available to support the progress, agriculture modernization, commercialization and sustainable agriculture will be out of reach. 

The proposed Program of Valley Agriculture Campus will contribute to harness modern technology in agricultural sector by research, by introducing modern and innovative tools, techniques and methods.

Mission and Objectives:

  • To develop technically competent graduates who can apply their acquired knowledge and skills to diversify and industrialize agriculture for socio-economic transformation of the rural society.
  • To improve the grain yield and value-added traits of different crops; improve the agronomic characteristics of these crops; and provide educational opportunities for students in Agri-extension, Agrieconomics, Agronomy, plant breeding, pathology, soil sciences, entomology etc..
  • To generate wealth and employment in the sector of agriculture and make Nepalese agriculture competitive.
  • To conduct various aspects of research about the problems faced by farmers, change agents and agro-industrialists with a view to recommend possible measures in dealing with them.
  • To achieve economic and environmental sustainability through integrated management of productivity, production, marketing, and end-use of farm produce and to promote the local initiative to address issues like climate change and food security.
  • To participate effectively in agriculture campaigns, academics and farm-related activities launched by the government, AFU and other agencies.
  • To support and strengthen the capacity of the farming communities and its association in terms of policy, research, development, and advocacy.
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Admission guidelines


Students must have passed the entrance exam conducted by Agriculture and Forestry University and enrollment will be done according to the merit list.