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Texas is in the state of the art educational complex, which is ideally located and is far from the polluting croud. There are visiting professors,readers, lecturers and scholar in their respective field who are attending the +2 bachelor & master level classes with their up-dated knowledge.

Professional social work approaches and methodical activities are now required for a community, a country, and the entire planet. To address these macro-level demands, one can confidently complete the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program. This BSW Course at Texas is specifically developed for such a novice who is eager to assist in the area of humanity for the welfare of everyone. Social work is the professional application of rational judgments made in close collaboration with trained professionals and the client system in order to solve current problems and improve quality of life. The primary goal of the BSW Course in Nepal is to assist students in developing day-to-day skills that will enable them to aid others in creating better relationships, conquering family and social difficulties, improving livelihood and their environment, and many other areas.

Facilities and Extra-Curricular Activities at Texas


Regular internal assessment tests will be routinely conducted to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the students so that remedial teaching can be carried out to enhance individual potentiality. Those who become absent or fail in the exam are bound to pay the fine as per the college’s rule and sit for the re-exam.


Texas provides easy and comfortable transportation facility to its students who wish to receive the college transportation facility.


The college is equipped with a rich library with plenty of reference materials, prescribed books and professional journals and magazines along with daily newspapers.


Texas prides upon its well-equipped physics, chemistry, biology labs with availability of all required equipment’s. Moreover, the college feels proud of its spacious computer lab which has been facilitated with Internet connection to enable students accomplish their researches efficiently.

Project Work and Field Visit

To enhance both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject matter and the outer world, the college maximizes learning through project work, seminar and field visit.

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