The SWSC is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and offers a four-year Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) curriculum. BBS is a multi-disciplinary program designed to fulfill the global demands of the corporate world and administration. The curriculum provides students with a strong theoretical basis in business entrepreneurship as well as instruction on how to apply such skills in a variety of business contexts. Required courses are included in the curriculum, as well as the option for students to specialize in specific fields of study. The purpose of the course is to develop socially responsible and innovative entrepreneurs who can lead and promote Nepal's commercial sector for the country's socio-economic development.

Major Areas of Study

  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human resource management

Scope and Career Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Business Studies program gain professional leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills that prepare them for careers in sales and marketing, accounting, finance, investment, banking, human resource management, product management, manufacturing, and travel, among other fields. The skills acquired by BBS graduates during the program help them generate self-employment and even give them the confidence to establish their own business and provide job opportunities for others. Graduates can also continue their education in other countries.

Reasons to Study BBS at Southwestern State College

  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Focus on research-oriented learning
  • Subject-wise presentation and project work
  • Seminars, workshops, and training on research and entrepreneurship
  • Industrial visits, internship, and job placement assistance