Simara College


In spite of its limited economic resources, Simara College has managed the attractive scholarship for the poor and intelligent students as mentioned below:

  1. One month tuition fee waive for the internal examination topper of each faculty 
  2. Tweleve month's tuition fee waive for the board examination (TU) topper of each faculty
  3. 50% monthly fee waive for the Dalit, Handicapped and conflict victims of jeetpur simara submetropolitan, ward no. 1, 2, 3 & 4. 
  4. Scholarship fund for regular scholarship upto 100%


Simara College was established in 2060 BS by a group of devoted educationists, scholars and social activists of the society. In its short history, it has been recognized as leading academic center for the multidimensional development of the students through a typical educational approach. Simara College lies in accessible peaceful and unpolluted area with own building. It has nearly 300 students in management and education faculties. 

It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and is offering Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS).  The main objective of this college is to fulfill the needs of the students and society that they have expected from the academic institution and produce qualified people who can easily cope the challenges of the modern world and gaps the opportunity as concerned to their future life both inside and outside their home. Simara College is striving to produce qualified citizens to lead the 21st century.