Construction is an essential activity for the continued development of a nation. Rapid growth in construction, engagement of specialized human resources, and rapid changes in the physical infrastructure development and technology have all transformed this sector into an industry that demands highly specialized manpower to organize and manage the construction works. M. Sc. program in Construction Management intends to produce managers capable of using state of art, knowledge, and skills in organizing and managing the construction works by enhancing technical and professional skills.


A Bachelor’s degree having a minimum of 15 years of education with a minimum second division (or equivalent) is necessary to apply for the courses. Bachelor's degree holders in a selected field of engineering for CM; civil engineering for TEAM; engineering, basic/applied/ natural sciences for iWRM and NRM are eligible to apply. The duration of all M.Sc. programs is two years spread over four semesters, including the fourth semester for the thesis writing. Of the total academic credit, the course work involves 45 credits and 15 credit hours are dedicated to independent research on field-based problems. All the courses have to be completed within 4 years, and an additional one year can be given to thesis work.