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An Extra Edge at NCIT

Professional Development

We develop students professionally through training sessions, workshops, and internships. These deal with practical experience, time management, self  management, corporate dressing, interpersonal skills, and social etiquette.

Industrial Tie-ups

NCIT has tie-ups with top industries and business houses or even international companies for curriculum development, collaboration, knowledge exchange and skills transfer to our faculty, staff, and, importantly, students.

Computer Skills

Computer training relating to management, such as accounting or statistics, is provided. This bridges the gap between the set curriculum and ever-evolving professional needs.

Corporate Interaction

Eminent professionals from correlated fields give lectures on diverse useful topics. To encourage interaction, students of all branches go on industrial trips at least once a year.

Language Proficiency

English Language proficiency is essential for professionalism. Knowledge of General English, Business English, technical writing, and presentations facilitate the easy entry of our graduates into a demanding corporate world.

Personality Development

We carefully groom students in self-management technique interpersonal skills through personality development sessions. Th deal with self-awareness, body language, time management, corpore dressing, and social etiquette.

Placement Support

Our Placement Office supports graduates in finding the right kind se openings and job environments here or abroad. This Office also helna them prepare documents & CVs and face interviews.

Entrepreneurship Cells

The Entrepreneurship Cell at NCIT aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of young students. The Cell hosts various workshops, speaker sessions, innovative games and competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs and supports them.

Vibrant Teaching-Learning

Dedicated Faculty

NCIT's dedicated delivers excellent faculty is hand-picked from professionals, with experience in the industry and expertise in their fields. They are committed to nurture es with the skill to be more professional, reneurially-focused, and competitive. Our group of tutors supervises academic rformance, interact with students, and give eded generic & personalized guidance.

Effective Teaching

Our teaching-learning approach is reflected in on-campus studies, with students makin the most of their academic experience. Find supporting students' aspirations, the Collec is a center for learning where they can prosper in a supportive, encouraging and motivational environment. We focus on preparing students for both employment and further studies or research, placing emphasis on knowledge that has application in a multitude of professions. Students are encouraged to participate actively in the learning process, while their professors utilize numerous state-of-the-art and innovative techniques to attain a beneficial and practical learning environment.

Standard Assessment

Our academic evaluation process is based the learning outcome assessment of each student. We hold that such assessment and academic performance are interrelated and best proven through examination results. Exams are used for assessing the students in an internationally competitive arena whereby a full insight into each student's attained knowledge and capabilities is gained. NCIT also has other ways of examining & assessing how students learn and progress in their studies.

Purposeful Tutorials

NCIT's well-designed tutorial system truly improves the academic performance of students over the semester. This is a unique scholastic opportunity at the College to get individual attention and indispensable support to learn better. The College organizes extra tutorials throughout the academic session. These intensive tutorial classes are arranged on the basis of an attending student's proficiency, need, or request. The purposes of tutorials are to develop a deep understanding of the topics introduced in lectures and to apply the knowledge acquired to solve problems.

Project Work & Research

NCIT provides students with ample opportunities to integrate their coursework knowledge with professional applications by project work & research. These are important learning activities for students who intend to pursue higher degrees or gain workplace skills. They can benefit from assistance & supervision in carrying out tasks associated with project & research work since such work departs somewhat from the usual pattern of graduate teaching. Students acquire the ability to manage research projects in an independent manner.


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