Malpi Advantage

Malpi International College has come up with an unprecedented learning environment that helps students grow into future purpose-driven leaders. The college is adding value through academic rigor and endorsement from various companies from different sectors.

Beyond Course Content

Traditional learning methods and modern learning methods are incompatible. Malpi International College (MIC) has introduced the notion of learning beyond the classroom into its existing educational environment with this in mind.

In order to provide inclusive, varied, and engaging learning environments for all types of learners, Malpi's Beyond Course curriculum will provide students with learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. This is crucial for enhancing and improving the learning experience as well as ensuring that students receive outstanding educational outcomes.

Experiential Learning Programs

situations via practical learning activities. It's a type of hands-on learning that allows students to tackle case-based issues, simulations, and other similar activities. These programs will be developed with the help of industry experts and our corporate partners.

Malpities will graduate with this experience imprinted on them, giving them a significant edge. Students collaborate with our career advisors to effectively transfer their classroom and extracurricular experiences and establish their careers.

Skills and Interpersonal Development

Through a range of activities and events, Malpi's Skills and Interpersonal Development promotes students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving ability, organizing skills, and decision-making skills.

Students will gain self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of these well-designed programs, which will improve their interpersonal abilities. Once students graduate, this experience will be engraved on them, providing them a huge advantage.

Foundation Classes

At Malpi, foundation classes serve as a gateway to help students bridge the gap between their current level of qualification and knowledge and the level necessary for a Bachelor's degree. These foundation lessons are offered throughout the weeks leading up to the start of the student's classes.

Few Subjects at Foundation Classes

  • Goal Setting Workshop
  • APA Format Workshop
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Personal Branding
  • Basic Accounting 101
  • Introduction to Google Suites
  • Body Language 101

Scholarship and Bursary

Soaltee Academic Excellence Award - Three students will be selected based on academic achievement from each province and will be granted up to 100% scholarship.

IJ Foundation Merit Scholarship - Students who top their Semester will be given 100% flat off on their Tuition Fees, 2nd and 3rd will be given 50% and 25% scholarship off on their tuition Fees respectively.

RB Foundation ECA/CCA Scholarship -At Malpi, we believe that achieving excellence in anything boosts your overall potential. Thus, we’re happy to announce admissions under the ECA/CCA/Sports Category for the undergraduates.

Malpi Covid Scholarship - Considering the COVID Situation, all the admitted students will be given Rs. 50,000 flat COVID Scholarship.

Dean List Achievers - The Dean’s list is recognized by Pokhara University for students with outstanding academic performance. In order to be eligible, a student must obtain a CGPA of at least 3.7. Scholarships are also provided to such qualified students.

Embracing Technology

During their time at Malpi, students are encouraged to be tech-savvy and job-ready. To encourage pupils to embrace technology, Malpi International College is giving away a laptop. All Malpi students will receive a laptop computer with high-speed internet access, allowing them to complete coursework and work from anywhere in the campus.

Community Service

Malpi conducts community trips to assist students in improving their social well-being and gaining a better awareness of their surroundings. As part of the community participation and orientation program, students will be escorted to numerous activities during their first year. This will teach kids to value the community's importance and existence.