Life at Kathmandu Engineering College

Exam Section

KEC has a centralized Examination Section that looks after all tests and examination within the college. Its main task is to program and organize examinations and to keep academic records of the students.


Periodical Tests/Unit Tests: Tests are conducted on a regular basis in the form of end-of-chapter tests and unit tests. Students have to appear for all these tests. Their scores add onto the final internal marking.

Progress Report

KEC regularly monitors its students individually. It prepares progress reports on the basis of alternate dat test (ADT), Assignments, Attendance and class Performance and distributes these to the parents; once during the middle of the semester and then again, at the end of the semester. The progress reports help students evaluate themselves personally and also help them grow.

International Unit

KEC has its own international unit for the conduction of various research efforts and project works that aim to motivate the students as well as the various faculties through the use of the very latest technology.

Research and Development

The Office of KEC Research and Publications (OKRP) was launched, with support from an enthusiastic team, on January 1, 2013. The main purpose of the OKRP is to encourage research and writing amongst the faculty and students of KEC. The office consists of a Research Advisor, various Research Coordinators and Editors.

It envisions exploring research-based educational practices through research, seminars and talks as well as through the continual publication of research journals. The office published its first official journal, the “KEC Journal of Science and Engineering” (KJSE) on July 6, 2013. This journal is a joint venture featuring the faculties of the various departments within the college i.e. the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering. The primary objective of the journal is to support the extension and further development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of science and engineering for the benefit of academics. It also serves the purpose of encouraging and practicing enterprises based on Research and Development (R & D).

Yog and Discipline

KEC values discipline and expects so from its students. To instill discipline (physically, mentally, socially and spiritually) in them, we practise compulsory yoga sessions which includes Asanas, Pranayama, Yog-Nidra and Meditation. For this we have a full-time yoga expert with us. Our experience shows that yoga has cultured positive thinking, the value of hard work and patience, along with good memory power amongst our students and faculty members. Apart from these benefits, yoga sessions have also helped students improve their physical health and helped them with problems like neck, back pain, eye problems and insomnia.