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Bachelors in Business Studies(BBS) is a four-year course affiliated to Tribhuvan University designed to provide the student with all sorts of knowledge in the field of management. Before, this program was only three years. Now, TU, FOM (Faculty Of Management) has decided to run the BBS program with 4 years. In Nepal, there are more than 465 colleges that offer BBS program.BBS program will have a specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Finance Accountancy, and Management Science.

Why BBS?

The program is based on the principle that graduates will spend a major portion of their life in a constantly changing environment. Therefore, the student should have an opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge of the concepts and reality-based skills underlying the operation and management of organizations.

Why BernHardt College?

The mission of the BBS course is to prepare the students to pursue career advancement in the field of management. The main aim of the course can be enlisted as: To develop a general management perspective and students into competent and responsible managers by providing them the required skills, abilities, and necessary attitude. Equip the students with conjectural knowledge of business and administration. Develop a passionate environment and foundation for higher studies in management. Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in the student by motivating them to explore.

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