Bachelor of Computer Application is another amazing IT program at Kathford, that does not only offer you outstanding curriculum delivery but also ensures that you are well acquainted with the latest technology and trend in the field of information and technology. Besides the BCA curriculum, we also inculcate essential skills demanded by the global software industry through the interactive learning process. Our curriculum has been designed to cater ever-changing demands of the information technology sector with necessary inputs from the industry. The addition of the following integrated industry-oriented specializations enhances our BCA curriculum into what we call ‘BCA+’.

E-Commerce, in association with EB Pearls
Today, businesses and consumers buy and sell goods and services through electronic mediums. This program enables you to develop software and application for online transactions for organizations.

Business Analytics, in association with EB Pearls
This course is designed to teach first-time learners how to use analytics to quickly and effectively analyze data from a variety of sources and generate insights for business.

Cloud Computing, in association with Access World
This course is designed to enable you to build applications for deployment in cloud-based platforms and help developers easily integrate applications and deploy cloud-based services.

Mobile Computing, in association with EB Pearls
This course provides an overview of mobile application development, programming tools, back-end integration, security, and management of cross-platform mobile applications.

These additional in-demand courses are delivered by domain experts at our partner organizations. Our students do not only obtain expertise in these technologies but also obtain industry exposure and get access to real-world projects, which keep them one step ahead from other science and technology students.