Department of Gender Studies

Kirtipur, Tribhuvan University Central Campus, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Department of Gender Studies currently runs two programs, namely Masters in Gender Studies and PhD in Gender Studies.


Gender Studies has helped create a nuanced perspective on gender during the last 20 years by raising a perceptible feminist consciousness. In some ways, the programs offered at the department aims at producing graduates with perspectives on both gender and feminism – that is, the ability to put women at the center of issues concerning social structures and the ability to evaluate men-women relationships – is being met on a regular basis.

Salient Features

Tribhuvan University is expected to allocate a block of land in its central campus site very soon. Funds will be sought for the building's construction, and an application will be submitted to the University Grants Commission through the Tribhuvan University administration. In addition, recommendations for additional money for infrastructure development will be made to donor agencies.

Students have access to a well-established internet service for academic and research purposes. In the current structure, a small library has been established. Students may, however, access a well-established library in the Women's Studies Program's Documentation and Resource Centre, which is about a ten-minute walk from the existing facility.