Chijkumar Bishnukumari Campus

Bandipur-1, Piple, Bandipur
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Shree Chijkumar Bishnukumari Campus was established in 2067 BS with the initiation of Pabitra Secondary School. It is a community non-profitable institution.

With a view to offer higher education in the local level, the college offers BBS and B.Ed., affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Currently 162 students are studying in Shree Chij Kumar -Bishnu Kumari Campus,Dumre; 55 in B.Ed and 107 in BBS.

It is located at Bandipur-1, Piple, Tanahun. In 2068 BS the campus organized a Maha Yagya to obtain financial help for developing the campus at which worth 2 crores 41 lakhs rupees including land was donated to the campus.

Bandipur Municipality has allocated 30 lakhs rupees for the infrastructure development of the campus. The campus aims at facilitating students providing transportation so that students can come and attend the class here from a distant place too. To fulfill the necessity of the campus, the campus team is trying to coordinate with Indian Embassy for infrastructural development and transportation management. The campus has its own building with well furnished classrooms and library.

Situated in the lap of Bandipur Tourist Area, the campus has played a vital role for developing this centre for education. The entire college administration, management committee and teaching staff are devoted to quality education.