Public Relations Specialists

  1. Description

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When celebrities go into drug rehab or when businesses are guilty of fraud, there’s only one thing to do: hire a public relations (PR) specialist. PR specialists do more than put a positive spin on their client’s less-than-admirable activities. They also spread the word when they’ve done something good, like winning an Academy Award or donating money to a charity.

And how do PR specialists get the word out? They spend much of their time writing press releases and pitching story ideas to reporters.

PR specialists promote people and organizations. They work in a variety of settings, from corporations to government agencies. Many serve private clients.

Did You Know?

As a PR specialist, you might write speeches for the president of the company.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Write press releases
  • Feed stories to reporters
  • Do damage control
  • Speak at press conferences
  • Plan special events

It Helps To Be...

A good writer with the gift of gab: you’ll do a lot of writing and talking in PR. An outgoing personality is also a plus, as you’ll need to understand and interact with many people.

Make High School Count

  • Sharpen your speaking and writing skills through speech and English classes. PR is all about communicating.
  • Build solid research skills in history and English.
  • Write for the school newspaper. The more writing practice you get now, the better.
  • Volunteer to get the word out about a school play, sporting event, or prom.
  • Run for school office. You’ll get a taste of writing and giving speeches as well as build your confidence in dealing with the public.

Never lie. Your credibility is one of your most important assets.” -- Michael, PR Specialist